Meet the Pride Alliance!

During Pride Month, we wanted to highlight one of UNT’s most unique resources, the Pride Alliance office.

Located in Union 372, the Pride Alliance has been a staple at UNT for almost ten years. The UNT Pride Alliance is a gender and sexuality resource center and a safe and welcoming space for all.

The values that drive their work include Education, Engagement and Involvement, Student Success, and Leadership Development.

A brief history of the Pride Alliance Office

The Pride Alliance was first opened on October 11, 2013, on National Coming Out Day. Dr. Gilda Garcia, who served as Vice President for the Division of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access before departing in March 2013, created the Pride Alliance as a way to help out UNT students who were in the LGTBQ+  community. The Pride Alliance was created to provide an office on campus that specialized in resources on gender and sexuality and a safe space for historically excluded sexualities, gender identities, intersex, and questioning students. 

The Pride Alliance began as a branch of the Multicultural Center and worked to focus more closely on the topics of gender and sexuality, which were part of the Multicultural Center’s five areas of focus.

In June 2014, the Pride Alliance became an independent and fully staffed office, with a Student Services Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator, and a Student Assistant. As the years went on and the Pride Alliance office was growing, the office was moved to its current location in Union 372.  Soon after, the Multicultural Center gifted the Pride Alliance a storage unit, which now serves as the current location of the OUTfits Clothing Closet. The OUTfits Clothing closet provides gender-affirming clothing for free. 

The Pride Alliance has held many events for LGBTQ students such as Second Chance Prom, and Lavender Graduation, and collaborates with the University Program Council to host the UNT Drag Show which is held every spring.

UNT Union

The Pride Alliance website offers many resources for students of all identities. Most notable is their Trans @ UNT category with helpful topics such as ‘Am I Trans?’, ‘Trans Housing’, and ‘Hormone Replacement Therapy’. 

The Pride Alliance office is a staple in the UNT Union, and we wouldn’t be anywhere without them! This Pride Month, we honor our great Pride Alliance office and the directors and coordinators that help keep UNT so prideful. Thank you for all that you do!


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