Mariam in the Middle

Mariam Karim is one of the shop assistants in Design Works! If you walk into Design Works, you will often see Mariam at the cash register helping a guest, working hard in the back, or drinking her coffee. Mariam always brings positive energy into Design Works. Mariam is also a Leo! Let us introduce you to Mariam!

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

“Getting to work with really nice people, especially Julie, she’s my bestie now.”

If you weren’t a shop assistant, what would you be?

“I would be a barista. I love coffee, I get it every morning before work.”

If you could add anything to the Design Works office, what would it be?

“A coffee machine or a mini vending machine, maybe just an entire snack bar while we’re at it.”

What is your favorite movie?

“‘Moana’. I can watch it 5 times and still want to watch it again, it’s just that good. The music is amazing, if I had to pick my favorite song though it would have to be “I am Moana” because it just makes me cry.

What artists are on your playlist?

  1. One Direction
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Kacey Musgraves
  4. Jhene Aiko
  5. The Weeknd

What is an experience you’ll never forget?

“I’ll never forget The Weeknd concert in Dubai for F1 because I love The Weeknd and also I got those tickets for free.”

What is your most used social media?


If you were hosting SNL, who would your musical guest be?

“Kacey Musgraves, mostly because I just want to meet her.”

What are your future plans?

“I want to work in the fashion industry.”

We are so lucky to have Mariam on our team! Design Works wouldn’t be the same without her! You can find her on Instagram @mxkrm