The Macy’s Parade

Macy McClish is the photographer here at Design Works. Macy is a second-year student, and is majoring in graphic design and minoring in art history. You’ll often see Macy around the Union taking photos at different events (she’s the one lurking in the corners). Don’t let her quiet exterior fool you, she is a very sarcastic person and never fails to crack a joke. Macy is a Virgo! Let us introduce you to Macy McClish!

What drew you to apply to Design Works?

“I needed a job my freshman year in the second semester. I wanted an on-campus job, so I applied to a bunch of them, not thinking I would hear back. Luckily, I heard back from Design Works for a shop assistant position. I worked as a shop assistant for one semester, but then I was promoted over the summer to my current position as a photographer.”

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on?

“My favorite project is the National Album Day project. It was such a great idea, and it was really fun to meet and work with Scrappy and Lucky. They were so enthusiastic about the whole thing and so willing to do everything we asked. The marketing team was so much fun to work with for this particular project. Everyone had a hand in it, and it turned out really great.”

“The Fleetwood Mac one is my favorite.”

Favorite Design Works memory?

“It’s not a particular memory, but we always get to collaborate and have more relaxed days on Friday. It’s always great to see everyone in the shop, and we all have a great time together.”

What artists are on your playlist?

  1. The Fray
  2. Paramore
  3. Stevie Nicks
  4. Weezer
  5. Third Eye Blind

What is your Favorite Movie?

“‘The Breakfast Club.’ It is the epitome of 80s coming-of-age movies; it never gets old. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched it. I really love 80s movies, especially John Hughes movies. ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ is also really good, it’s probably my second favorite.”

What was your favorite show as a kid?

“My favorite was, and still is, honestly, ‘Scooby-Doo Where Are You?’. I would always watch it on Saturday mornings and at my grandparent’s house after school.”

What is your aesthetic?

“I think dark/light academia as my core aesthetic, but I really like other aesthetics like cottage core; I’m a huge plant person, and I want to live in the middle of nowhere with a huge garden one day.”

Scrappy or Lucky?

“Lucky all the way. He is the superior mascot who is also very underrated.”

What are your future plans?

“After college, I hope to get a graphic design or photography job in a corporate setting, so that I can be more financially stable. Eventually, I would like to freelance in both areas, so I could live wherever I wanted. I also plan on adopting many dogs.”

We are so lucky to have Macy on our team! Design Works wouldn’t be the same without her! If you want to follow her on their journey, you can find her on Instagram @macymcclish13 and @macymcclishphotography!