Just Juliana

Introducing one of our talented graphic designers, Juliana Hernandez! Juliana (she/her) is a current third-year student here at UNT. Juliana is majoring in Communication Design on the graphic design track, and minoring in Art History and Photography. Juliana is bursting with talent and makes Design Works a great environment to work in. She is also a Libra! Now let’s get to know Juliana!

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

“I like designing things that students can see around campus. It’s pretty cool to see posters that I have designed on the Union screens and around campus. I like having a job that relates directly to my major, it gives me extra practice and projects to add to my portfolio.”

If you weren’t a Graphic Designer, what would you be?

“I would probably be a painter or a photographer, because I love to create.”

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on?

“National Album Day was fun to work on. It was great working with different teams to bring this project to life, and the overwhelming response from the students and staff was amazing to see. It really tested my photoshop skills, and it’s great knowing I had such a large role in the final product.”

“These are my personal favorites, but my most favorite is definitely ‘SOUR’ .”

Favorite Design Works memory?

“Making the Steve cardboard cutout. It was really fun to make and have around the office and it’s a good tribute to Steve. Also, it’s just bizarre and terrifying to look at it scares us all the time.”

Pictured here: Cardboard Steve (left) Juliana (right)

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

“Whataburger. I usually get the Avacado Bacon Burger with a strawberry milkshake. It’s top tier.”

Favorite Movie?

“‘Castle in the Sky’ from Studio Ghibli. The soundtrack is incredible and beautifully composed, and the animation is detailed and captivating. The storyline is more adventurous than most Studio Ghibli films, that’s why it stands out to me. It’s definitely my all-time favorite, and totally underrated.”

Fun Fact: I have the Castle in the Sky Japanese vinyl album of the soundtrack.

If you could be a superhero who would you be?

“I would be Spider-Man because he’s the most relatable and I think he’s funny.”

What are your future plans?

“After I graduate, I want to join a design firm. I hope to keep making art and someday travel the world.”

We appreciate Juliana for all she contributes to our wonderful team! You can follow her on Instagram, @jules.2023