Heart of Glass

Abby Glass (She/They) is a sophomore videographer here at Design Works and with Union Marketing! You will often see Abby out and about with their video camera filming for the Fine Arts Series. Abby brings positive and fun energy to Design Works that is unique to them. Abby is Capricorn! Let’s introduce you to Abby!

Why did you apply to Design Works?

“Well I’d never seen a video production position at UNT and I knew I wanted to work at the university. So when I saw the opening, I thought it would be perfect because I did freelance video work in high school.”

What’s your favorite Design Works memory?

“Probably putting up the Christmas tree over winter break! It was very fun because I did it with my friends and co-workers. We made our own ornaments and everything! It was like the scene from Charlie Brown.”

What is your favorite project you’ve done at Design Works?

“The gallery spotlight for our Tama, a designer here at Design Works. I did a piece on her gallery exhibition for her mineral art. Not only was it fun to work with someone I know and respect, but it was cool to shine a light on her specific medium. It was also really fun to edit, because of all the fun colors!”

What’s your favorite movie?

“‘Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me’! I’m a big fan of Heather Graham and also Austin Powers is really rad.”

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant?

“Definitely Canes! It’s a little expensive but the box combo hits!”

If you could host any musical guest on Saturday Night Live, who would it be?

“Tame Impala or Dolly Parton.”

Which social media platform do you use the most?

“Instagram! Mostly because of the explore page. There’s always something new to look at on there. I also don’t use Twitter at all, but I can still see tweets on Instagram.”

What is your favorite tattoo that you have?

“My Tri-Wizard Tournament Cup tattoo! It was also my most painful.”

What are your plans for after graduation?

“I want to be a film teacher at my alma mater, Dubiski Career High School! There aren’t a lot of film teacher positions so I know I want to go back there. I really want to work with my old film teacher, they taught me everything I know. I also love kids and film, of course, so it’ll be the best of both worlds!”

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Abby as much as we did! Follow them on Instagram @abbyy.glass