The Tamanator

Tama Higuchi is one of the Designers in Design Works and is one of the most unique people in the office. A fun fact about Tama is that she is an avid mineral collector. With the minerals she collects, she makes lifelike paintings of them using watercolor. In fact, her work was displayed in the Union Art Gallery in Fall 202! Tama is an Saggitarious! Let us introduce you to Tama!

What do you like about Design Works?

“I get to work in an environment with other people in my program, and I get to learn about designing in the real world.”

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on?

“Definitely the fine arts series brochure because it was a longer project so I was able to work with the fine arts series people for a longer time to make sure it was legible and easy to understand.”

If you could add anything to the Design Works office, what would it be?

“T-shirt screenprinting studio. Also, a snack bar would be nice.”

What is your favorite Design Works memory?

“When I had a sword fight with Rebs with our foam swords. A close second is Steve’s going away party.”

How has working in Design Works helped you with your career goals?

“It’s given me real-world experience and working with real-world clients.”

What is your favorite movie?

“‘The Fall’ (2008). It stars Lee Pace who is my favorite actor, I absolutely love the cinematography and the locations are wonderful. I think everyone needs to watch it!”

If you were hosting SNL, who would your musical guest be?

“Tyler the Creator.”

What is a movie/tv show you always reccomend to people?

“‘The Terror’ on HBO. It’s horrifying and very well done.”

What are your future goals?

“Buy and paint more rocks, own two cats, and maybe move to Colorado.”

We are so lucky to have Tama on our team! Design Works wouldn’t be the same without her! If you want to follow her on her journey, you can find her on Instagram