Rebsters Dictionary

Introducing one of our amazing Graphic Designers, Rebs Beers (They/Them)! Rebs is talented with a capital “T”. Seriously, they have created so many amazing art pieces that it’s hard to pick our favorite! If you’ve ever walked into Design Works, you’ve certainly seen Rebs working hard at work designing. Fun fact, Rebs is an Aquarius! Let us introduce you to Rebs!

What motivated you to apply to Design Works?

“I was a freshman living in Kerr without a car, so I had to find a job that was within walking distance of the dorms. I saw that Design Works was hiring and I had only been in once before, but I remembered that it seemed like a creative and fun environment at the time!”

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on?

“My favorite project so far to work on has been the UPC calendars for each semester. My favorite was the Fall 2021 calendar since I love video games, but this semester was an interesting challenge as well!”

*Fall 2021 calendars designed by Rebs Beers*

What is your favorite Design Works memory?

“I probably can’t choose one, but I think all of my favorite memories from my time at Design Works would be when we just got to joke around and have fun together for a while. Whether we’re making foamboard swords, obscure cardboard cutouts, or just hanging out, I think the times we have the most fun are Fridays when everyone is at the office all day and we take a break from working to goof off for a bit.”

If you could add anything to the Design Works office, what would it be?

“An office pet, preferably a little corgi or something!”

What is your favorite movie?

“‘Spiderman: Into The Spider-verse!'”

If you were hosting SNL, who would your musical guest be?

“The band Lovejoy!”

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

“Teleportation because plane tickets are too expensive, and I could sleep in more before classes.”

Scrappy or Lucky?

“Scrappy, for sure.”

What are your future goals?

“My main goal is to graduate in May, get a job in the video game industry, and work my way to an art direction position one day. Also, I want to adopt a ton of dogs.”

We are so lucky to have Rebs on our team! Design Works wouldn’t be the same without them! Follow them on Instagram @rebsinspace