Peyton “P-Dawg” Pogue

Introducing one of our amazing Graphic Designers, Peyton Pogue! Peyton is a senior here at UNT and is graduating this spring. Peyton is an amazingly talented person and brings her wonderful creativity into every piece she makes for her projects. You will often see Peyton working hard on her unique designs while drinking an energy drink. Fun fact, Peyton is a Capricorn! Let’s get to know Peyton!

What motivated you to apply to Design Works?

“I’m a student majoring in Graphic Design, I wanted to work that aligned with my major, so I applied here where I could do that.”

What is your favorite project you have worked on?

“I really liked the Skate Like Scrappy events poster I did for Spring 2021.”

If you could add anything to the Design Works office, what would it be?

“A microwave.”

What is your favorite tattoo of yours?

“I recently got a bird on my arm, so it is automatically my favorite. The tattoo is for my grandma.”

What artists are on your playlist?

  1. Frank Ocean
  2. Mac Miller
  3. Harry Styles
  4. Billie Eilish

What is your aesthetic?

“I’m a bruh girl. I’ll drop a whole check on skincare and haircare, but I’ll never dress up or put any makeup on.”

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Example of Bruh Girl aesthetic

If you were hosting SNL, who would your musical guest be?

“Kurt Cobain.”

What is your most used social media?

“Twitter, for sure.”

What are your future plans?

“I want to graduate, and get a job at an entertainment agency or company so I can be on either the design or marketing team.”

We are so lucky to have Peyton on our team! Design Works wouldn’t be the same without her! You can find her on Instagram @peyton_pogue