Union Spaces: The Four-Gotten Floor

One of the best things about the union is that on the outside it seems as if there are only three floors when in reality there are actually four. No this isn’t due to any Harry Potter wizardry, it’s just a cool architectural trick!

Often known as the forgotten floor, the fourth floor of the union is a very remarkable space that adds to the unique charm of the union. There are many things located on the fourth floor such as the Presidential Suite, the Dean of Students office, the Rooftop Garden, and more!

There are many great things about this floor, and we are here to tell you all about it.

When you walk up the stairs to the very top of the Union, you will be in the main area of the fourth floor.

In the main area, there are many chairs and tables for you to sit at. These areas are a great place to study by yourself or with your friends. Near the Meditation Room, some chairs fold out, and give you the chance to lie down while doing your work; these are our personal favorite! At each table, there are many accessible plugs and charging ports.

Located in the main area is also the Dean of Students office and the Union Administration office. These are very helpful resources for you as a student, so don’t be afraid to use them! 

Photo of Rooftop Garden, located on the fourth floor of the UNT Union

If you take the elevator up to the fourth floor and take a right when you exit, you will enter the Rooftop Garden.

The Rooftop Garden is a great place to eat or study during the day, and also a great place to see the sunset. The garden looks over the gazebo outside the Syndicate, and from the garden, you can see the Library Mall and the Hurley Administration Building. The Rooftop Garden features native Texas vegetation and a water conservation system.

The Rooftop Garden is one of the most peaceful areas of the Union and is a favorite place to go among the students. It is especially wonderful during the spring!

A student in the Meditation Room, located on the fourth floor of the UNT Union

Just past the lounge chairs is one of the most unique aspects of the Union; the Meditation Room. The Meditation Room is a safe space for students to meditate, pray, and reflect. This quiet space allows students to get in touch with their spiritual and religious sides and allows them to find peace during their stressful day.

From the picture above, you must have noticed the mural that is at the front of the Meditation Room. This piece is called Quiet and Soaring and was made by artist Norie Sato using laminated safety glass with digitally printed translucent film interlayer. The image is of eagle wings and feathers.

The subtle translucency of the work allows visitors a special space for privacy, reflection, and inspiration. The image is inspired by a variety of sources, including UNT symbols, and ideas of connection, nest, enclosure, safety, changeability of light and air, spirit and contemplation.” (University Art Collection)

View of the union from the fourth floor

Here is a list of the rooms and spaces located on the fourth floor and their room number.

  • UNT Foundation Board Room 401
  • Meditation Room 402
  • Diamond Eagle Suite 406
  • Dean of Students 409
  • Office of Spiritual Life 409
  • Student Legal Services 411
  • Survivor Advocate 411
  • Thomas P. Rufer Meeting Room 412
  • Union Administration 418
  • Rooftop Garden 470

Located on the fourth floor is also a Lactation Room and Gender-Neutral Restrooms.

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope this helped you discover something new! Have a great semester, Eagles!