Getting Back in the Groove

As the fall semester picks up, it might start to get a tad overwhelming. With homework, projects and tests filling up Canvas, it’s important to get things in order and balance your responsibilities accordingly. We’ve gathered some tips for getting, and staying, in the groove for the semester. 

Get Organized

Whether you prefer a traditional or digital planner, it’s important to keep track of key due dates and important events. Time management is crucial in college and a planner can assist with it, when used efficiently. We also find it super pleasing to cross out assignments we’ve completed! If you don’t like planners, just try to create a daily or weekly to-do list! It’ll improve your productivity a ton. 

Get Into a Routine

Although routines can get boring, it’s important to have structure in your days while juggling classes, your personal life, and your physical and mental health. As things get more hectic, having time specific time set aside for your most important events will help you reduce stress and manage your time better. Be sure to schedule time for you to just relax as well! Life is all about balance after all. 

Be Social

After a weird year of virtual classes and events, face-to-face interaction might feel strange to some of us. Shake off the awkwardness and make friends in class or attend university sponsored events that peak your interests! You’ll meet like-minded people that can help keep you on track and potentially form bonds that will last for years. 

Get Active

Whether it’s taking a walk (or ride) around campus, having a dance party, or playing a game of your favorite sport with friends, be sure to get moving a few days a week. Physical activity has multiple benefits such as improved moods, better sleep and efficient stress release! This could also be a great way to make friends!

Take Time For Yourself

Juggling everything that comes with a new semester definitely takes its toll. Be sure to place things in your routine that keep you grounded and relaxed. We suggest activities like meditating, journaling, drawing, and everyone’s favorite, simply taking a nap! 

We hope you can use at least one of our tips to make this your best semester yet! Be sure to let us know other ways you are getting back into the swing of things in the comments!