Union Spaces: Third Floors’ the Charm!

Welcome back to school! Class is now back in session! We are thrilled to have campus open again, and the Union is full of energy once again. For returning students, you might know the cool hidden spots located in the Union, but for our Freshman and Second-Years who were not able to make it to campus last year, we will be your guide to knowing all about the Union.

Today, we’ll be learning about the Third Floor of the Union, and the cool hang out spots located on the floor that you might not have known about. Let’s Begin!

View of the Union from the Third Floor. Picture taken by Macy Mcclish.

The fist space we will talk about today is the Student Organization Space, located in Room 337. In there you will see meeting rooms, numerous table set ups, couches and many more. There is even a fireplace in the corner! This space hosts the University Program Council, Student Government Association, Graduate Student Council, and many more including the Pride Alliance office. This is a great space for when you want to work on group projects, get some studying done, or if you just want to sit by the fireplace!

The next space we will talk about is The Syndicate. The Syndicate is a great place to watch live music while also eating some delicious food from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. On the second level (located on the Third Floor of the Union), there are pool tables and students can check out pool equipment for free with their student ID. Additionally, there are multiple TV lounges, where students can connect their game console or laptop to the screen and play games or watch a movie.

Additionally, outside of the syndicate are 8 large chairs available for anyone to use, as well as a charging station.

Going past the Syndicate and the Lyceum, we reach the last space; The Rooftop Deck. This space is a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to the Third Floor. It has a great view of the South Lawn, and it is kept under lots of shade, so you’ll stay cool in the hot sun. The Rooftop Deck is a perfect place to sit and eat on a sunny day, do some homework while getting fresh air, or just to hang out with your friends!

Outside of Union. Photo taken by Macy Mcclish.

We hope this post helps you find some spaces for you to hang out in! Did you learn something new about the Union from this post? Let us know and we’ll see you next time!