10 Songs to Get You Ready to Tackle the Day

Getting ready for the day can be stressful. Just thinking about what you’re going to wear and if it’s versatile enough for the Texas weather, the possible scenarios that you are going to have to face throughout the day, that one class that isn’t exactly your favorite, etc. It can get to a person. Whether you need your songs to wake or hype you up, get you in a good mood, make you dance, or reassure you, this playlist does it all!

1. Let’s Get it Started

Who better to get your day started with than the Black Eyed Peas?

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2. Self Care

Remember to take care of yourself. Take some time out of your day to make sure you’re doing something for yourself and not just for everyone else.

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3. Invincible

Don’t go through your day feeling invisible. Go through your day feeling invincible.

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4. All Star

Be the all star you were meant to be!

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5. Unwritten

Every day is a new day and it’s up to you to decide what happens!

The Reason Natasha Bedingfield Is Still Bae

6. O-o-h Child

There will be tough days, but they all aren’t going to be. Things are gonna get easier and things’ll get brighter!

we will endure — haylevatwell: ♪ Dance-off, bro! ♫

7. Life is a Highway

“Life can be hectic and unexpected just like a highway, but that makes it all the more fun.” – Probably some car from the movie Cars (2006).

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8. New Life

Don’t get stuck on what happened yesterday. Look forward to a new day because you get to decide what you do with it.

Animated gif about girl in ☁️tv//film☁️ by fairy princess

9. Tongue Tied

This is one pretty self explanatory. Try to name a song that brings more warmth and happiness! (Hint: you can’t)

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10. Tubthumping

If you get knocked down, get back up again. Never let anything keep you down!

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Don’t stop at these ten, we’ve got the full playlist available to you on our Spotify. Make sure to check it out! Drop a comment and let us know what your favorite song to get ready to is!