5 Tips for an at Home Photoshoot

Around this time last year, we posted our 5 Places In Denton For a Fall Photoshoot blog post. Well, it’s not as easy to visit those places with everything that has been going on. So, as an alternative, we present to you some helpful tips for a photoshoot at home!

1. Think about a concept

By concept we mean just have in mind what you want to do. Determine if there’s a theme or aesthetic you want to achieve and think about how you can implement it in your photo. Maybe it’s recreating a moment from pop culture, a monochromatic look, a specific decade, or even just a nice fall day!

2. Find a background (or foreground)

You can turn any space into a background, but if you’re trying to create a certain aesthetic for your photo there are still plenty of ways to do it at home! Rather than just using a blank wall or your bedroom, try creating a backdrop. You can do this by hanging up some wrapping paper, a shower curtain, a bed sheet, newspapers/magazine pages, etc. If you’re not interested in having to set anything up, rather than creating a background, you could create something to go in the foreground. For example, try taking any piece of large paper (newspaper, construction paper, etc.) and create a hole in the middle of it. Then, try putting your face through it. Or, you could also try cutting a shape in the middle of the paper and use it as a frame for your photo.

3. Decide on a look

Think about the kind of look you want to go for. Whether it’s your favorite outfit, clothes you feel comfortable in, an outfit you’ve been wanting to wear or wouldn’t normally wear, etc. This is also an opportunity to play with different hairstyles and makeup looks! Just make sure to not put too much pressure on yourself. This is just a chance to have some fun!

4. Experiment with light

Try letting light shine in different ways. Use unique fabrics (sheer, lace, reflective, with holes, etc.) over your photos to create some fun effects. If you have a colander, try angling it to let light shine through the holes and form shadows. If you have color changing lights/lightbulbs, use them as the light source for your photo. If you have a projector, you could project something on the wall and stand in front of it.

5. Spice up your photos

Rather than just doing the basic corrections to your photo, try adding something more! Look into editing apps like PREQUEL, PicsArt, and VSCO (it’s a really underground app, you’ve probably never heard of it (-; ) to add some effects, stickers, etc. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try your hand at Photoshop!

Our Photos

We had so much fun doing this! If you decide to have your own photoshoot and post your photos on social media, tag us! We would love to see it! For more media and UNT related content, make sure to give us a follow @untunion! We miss you, stay healthy and stay safe!