How to Make Friends in College During a Pandemic

A big part of college is meeting new people and making new friends, especially for freshmen. We know that this isn’t as easy to do with social distancing and everything moved online. So, we’ve created a list of other ways you can make friends during this time!

1. Class Group Chats

The easiest way to become friends with the people in your class, especially online, are group chats! Create a group chat for that class, which you can send to people via Canvas. This way you can get to know all the people in your class! 

2. Virtual Study Group

From this group chat you can plan a virtual study group! Set aside a time and day during the week where you and your classmates can get together on Zoom and go over what you learned that week. If an exam is coming up you can all go over the study guide together.

3. Zoom/Presentation Party

Find the people you’d be interested in hanging out with or learning more about them, whether they be in your class or on your hall floor, and ask them if they’d want to have a Zoom party. You can either just hang out and talk or spice it up and have a powerpoint party!  A powerpoint party is where you choose a topic you’re passionate about, find funny, or you can assign random topics and then create a powerpoint about it. At the party everyone presents the presentation they made. You could determine a winner by which one everyone thought was the best or whoever has the most points with a scoresheet system (before, decide however many points are added or subtracted for hesitation, quality of presentation, etc.) or just have it be a chill time! There could even be a dress code (assigned colors, decades, characters), have a virtual prize, etc. Just have fun with it!

4. Campus Organizations

Although meeting on campus is not an option, campus organizations are still meeting, just virtually! Check out this list of UNT organizations and if you find one you’re interested in joining, email them or see if they have social media and find out when the next meeting is!

5. Online Multiplayer Games

Recently there has been an uprise in online multiplayer games. The online multiplayer game currently sweeping the nation is, Among Us. The game takes place in space where you’re either a crew member who has to figure out who the imposter is, or the imposter who has to get rid of the crew members without getting caught. Whatever game you choose, send out the link, code, etc. to some new friends and have some fun!

6. Social Media

If you’re wanting to make some more friends outside of class or even want to get to know the people in your class better, this is a great option. Either ask people for their socials or try searching up #UNT with whatever year you’re graduating (#UNT21, #UNT22, #UNT23, or #UNT24) and follow some people! If you feel comfortable, try DMing them. Just let them know you also go to UNT and are looking to make some new friends!

7. Bond With Roommates

You’re probably having to spend a lot of time with your roommate, so try to get to know them! You don’t have to be best friends, but you can have fun together while you’re in this shared space. Talk about what both of your favorite tv shows or movies are and have a binge night, find lyric videos on Youtube and have a karaoke night, or have a game night! If you’re still trying to adjust to living with someone new, reference our last blog post!

Hopefully these tips help you to be able to meet some new people and make some new friends during this complicated time! If you have any other tips you’d like to share to help others, leave a comment or message us on social media @untunion!