6 Tips to Succeed at Online Classes

Online classes aren’t for everyone. We know they can be a struggle! So, we’ve put together some advice that has helped us with the transition online and hopefully can help you too!

1. Create a Study Space

The first step is to find a study space. Choose a place you will be comfortable working at and dedicate it to studying. This way, by going to the same place every time, you know it’s time to start working and get in the zone! 

2. Plan For the Week Ahead

Choose a day out of the week where you go on Canvas, Teams, etc. to check your messages and what tasks or assignments you have due that week. Then, write it all down in a planner or on a piece of paper. By planning for the week ahead, there will be no surprise at what is due and it will help you remember to do your work.

3. Make a Study Plan

To create a study plan, take into account how many classes you are taking. After planning for the week ahead, try to determine how much time you think studying and completing each assignment will take. Use this information to establish a schedule for the week, consisting of how long you’ll work and what will be completed during that time.

4. Stay Organized

There are many tools out there, digital and analog, to stay organized. Use them! They can help you remember due dates and be reminders. Whether it be a calendar, sticky notes, etc. use what works best for you! By staying organized, you’re making things easier on yourself as you won’t have to remember every single thing.

5. Create a Routine

Find out how you work best. Is it in the morning or at night? Is it before or after you’ve eaten? Once you’ve done that, get into the habit of working at your study space during that time. Getting into a routine helps with self-discipline and decreases the chance of procrastination.

6. Communicate

It’s easy to get confused and lost with online classes because it’s just you by yourself, but don’t let that be the case! With classes online, so are professors, TAs, and other classmates. Everyone has an email! If you have a question, concern, or problem, email your professor or TA. If you don’t feel that it’s urgent, try contacting and befriending other students. They know exactly what you’re going through!

Try out these tips and see if any of them work for you; it never hurts to try! If you have any other tips you’d like to share to help others, leave a comment or message us on social media @untunion!