50 Things to do in Quarantine

Being in quarantine has given us a lot of free time, more than we know what to do with! So, we’ve created a list of 50 things you can do with this new extra time we have.

  1. Create a movie and tv show watchlist.
  2. Make a vision board, mood board, or collage (digital or physical).
  3. Watch artists perform on IG Live, kind of like your own personal concert!
  4. Watch POV videos on Youtube or livestreams to feel like you’re on an amusement park ride, at the beach, or watching the northern lights!
  5. Go on a virtual tour.
  6. Have a picnic in your backyard.
  7. Create a virtual book club with your friends.
  8. Practice or learn a new instrument.
  9. Watch educational shows and videos from childhood (The Magic School Bus, Brain Pop, and Bill Nye the Science Guy).
  10. Watch childhood shows and cartoons.
  11. Try to make slime, you know you’ve always wanted to!
  12. Paint! Follow a Bob Ross tutorial or do your own thing!
  13. Dust off that old system (Nintendo DS, Gamecube, Playstation 2, Wii, Sega) and power it up!
  14. Clean your laptop/computer, you know it needs it…
  15. Download throwback games like Temple Run or Trivia Crack.
  16. Do a puzzle.
  17. Play some brain games like sudoku, word search, or crossword puzzles.
  18. Learn how to play chess.
  19. Clean out your closet.
  20. Re-organize your closet.
  21. Have a fashion show.
  22. Find creative ways to take selfies! For example, take a mirror into your backyard for a mirror selfie with a cool background!
  23. Create outfits based off of your favorite celebrities, characters, books, albums, movies, etc.
  24. Open a google doc and share it with friends (create lists, share ideas, or just thoughts).
  25. Enter a competition.
  26. Don’t forget to practice self care!
  27. Work your way through a cookbook (Julie & Julia style, perhaps a movie to add to your movie watchlist?)
  28. Have a Chopped competition.
  29. Try 3 ingredient recipes.
  30. DIY charcuterie board with whatever you have on hand (make a competition out of it!)
  31. Learn a new language.
  32. Clean out your Instagram saved.
  33. Clean out your Twitter bookmarks.
  34. Take some Buzzfeed quizzes, that’s about 5 hours gone.
  35. Exercise! Tons of free apps to lead you through at home workouts.
  36. Make a list of places you want to go and things you want to do when this is all over.
  37. Make a list of outfits you would wear to those places.
  38. Journal your thoughts.
  39. Write something, whether it be a poem, script, short story, or novel.
  40. Go outside and ride a bike, a skateboard, or go rollerskating.
  41. Start a blog.
  42. Start a Youtube channel.
  43. Figure out what your top 5 movies, tv shows, albums, and books are (takes a lot longer than you think).
  44. Bother your friends and family until they finally play that iMessage game you sent them.
  45. Build a fort and watch a movie inside it.
  46. Karaoke at home.
  47. Play some music! Find new music, make a collaborative Spotify playlist with friends or family, or follow us on Spotify @untunion!
  48. Create your own movie theatre at home. Make it a real theatre experience by creating tickets and setting up a concession stand. Go all out!
  49. Try out some DIYs!
  50. Check out our other blog posts!

From the 50 things we’ve listed we hope you found something you’d like to do! Leave a comment or message us on social media @untunion and let us know if you try out any of the things from our list! We hope you’re all doing well, we miss you!