6 Movies and Shows Set In College to Stream

Listen, we all know movies and shows set in high school are unrealistic. That’s what we love about them! But, we’re older now. We don’t want to watch movies and shows set in high school that are not in the slightest bit based on reality and live vicariously through 20-something year old “teens”. We want to watch movies and shows set in college that are not in the slightest bit based on reality and live vicariously through those slightly older 20-something year old “teens”. Sure they’re super unrealistic, but sometimes we just need to distract ourselves from the pile of work on our desks. So, in honor of the new semester, we have cultivated a list of 6 movies and shows set in college!

TV Shows:


Drama, Romance | TV-14 | ABC

Felicity has just graduated high school. After asking her crush to sign her yearbook, she felt moved by what he wrote. So moved, that rather than attending Stanford University, she decides to follow him to the University of New York. Felicity later realizes that she didn’t go to New York to only follow her crush, but to discover herself and later get a haircut that rattles pop culture!


Comedy | TV-14 | Hulu

After it is discovered that Jeff Winger lied about receiving his degree from Columbia University, he is disbarred and suspended from his law firm. He enrolls at Greendale Community College to get a real degree. He immediately becomes attracted to a classmate and in order to spend time with her, he creates a fake study group, that quickly becomes like family. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

How To Get Away With Murder

Crime, Drama, Mystery | TV-14 | ABC, Hulu, Netflix

Annalise Keating is a criminal defense attorney and law professor at Middleton University. She selects five of her first year students to intern at her firm, where they work with her employees to explore and become involved in a twisted murder.


Boys and Girls

Comedy, Drama, Romance | PG-13 | Hulu, HBO Now

When Ryan and Jennifer met as twelve-year-olds, they disliked each other. They meet again as teenagers and still despise each other. Then, they meet again in college, but this time it’s different. Ryan is uptight and Jennifer is a free spirit, complete opposites, but they discover that their differences bring them together and they develop a friendship.

Monsters University

Animation, Adventure, Comedy | G | Disney +

At Monsters University, Mike and Sulley are first-year scare students who quickly become rivals. Mike studies hard and excels while Sulley, who comes from a family of scarers, becomes lazy. Their rivalry then escalates into something scary!

Sydney White

Comedy, Drama, Romance| PG-13 | IMDb TV

In this modern retelling of Snow White, Sydney White heads off to college and plans on pledging the sorority her mother, who died when she was child, had been a part of. After being banished from the sorority, Sydney teams up with seven outcasts try to take over the student government in order to promote equality and diversity.

Well, that completes our list! We hope you enjoyed it and that your spring semester won’t be as crazy or dramatic as those listed! If you have a favorite movie or show about college that we didn’t mention, leave a comment down below and let us know!