Alumni Throwback: Becca Taylor

Becca Taylor, Advertising major, 2017

What did you do at Design Works?

“I was a shop assistant, so I chopped and laminated until my fingers bled. I’m just kidding, my fingers didn’t bleed!”

If you could sum up your experience at Design Works in one or two words what would they be?

“It was awesome. Anyone who’s asked me, whether at interviews, and they say tell me about a job I’ve loved, I always go back to Design Works. If I could’ve stayed there forever I would’ve. But two words that described my time would be education, because I learned a lot about Illustrator and Photoshop that I used now. It definitely started off learning graphic design stuff. And also just really supportive–it was great that I could go to [my boss], or Kelly, or any of my peers and get life advice and figure everything out together. It was just a great place to grow.”

What was your earliest memory of working with the Design Works staff?

“I think my first memory was Kathleen was showing me the ropes, and I was like, “I’m never going to know how to do any of this.” She was building out a job order form and I was like I already don’t know what to do. I also have a very vivid memory of us, we were in the other building at the time and it was when all the kids came for Halloween and they were trick-or-treating. We were out there giving candy and I was like this is the best job ever!”

What are you currently doing/have been doing since graduating?

“Immediately after leaving Design Works I did an internship at Central Market. I was a copywriter for them in their internship program. I was an intern for about a year, it basically turned into a job but I was still an intern. But basically I wrote copy for everything they had in store. So I know a lot about cereal, a lot about dairy–just random food facts. And then I really wanted to move to Austin, just because I was ready to move, so now I’m at Stitch Fix. I’ve been here for almost exactly a year, and basically–it’s called a CX agent–but I just talk to people over email and help them with their account.”

How would you say Design Works impacted you and prepared you for the future?

“Definitely the customer service aspect of it, of the job itself, was really helpful. I really was kind of shy before that and it really helped me talk to people. And to talk to people who weren’t super happy–that’s always a great skill to have, working with people to give them what they want. So the communication aspect from the actual job. From the office itself it really introduced me to an agency life. The open floor plan and collaborating with people definitely it taught me how to be on a team, talk to people, and ask for help because there is always someone who can help you. Definitely working there teaches you that you don’t have to talk everything on yourself, there are people who can help.”

What was your favorite moment at Design Works?

“Being in the Mean Green Girls video, because it still haunts me to this day. If people ask for a fun fact, I’m like oh I was in a UNT Union remake of Mean Girls. So that was really fun, and it opened my eyes to how fun production is in making something like that–it’s actually something I’m pursuing now for my next career, working on film sets and stuff like that. But it was just fun to be a part of that and have it on YouTube forever.”

What is something you miss about UNT and being in that phase of your life during college?

“Definitely feeling like you’re in the real world, but you’re not in the real world. You don’t have to have it figured out, and as you’re getting older you’re like “oh I have to have it figured out.” So it was to completely be like, well I’m just learning. So I think the learning everyday aspect, I really liked that. Because you know in college each day is different from each other. And in postgrad you kind of do the same thing everyday, so I do miss switching it up a little bit. With college everyday was something new.”

What is something you wish other students who are reading this knew about working on campus/Design Works?

“Honestly, how cool it is. That it was the best place on campus to be, in my opinion. Just how open it was, and fun it was, and creative it was. It’s such a great place for people to go to feel accepted, and to grow, and to learn. It’s such a fun place, and there was always such great people there. I wish people would check it out and go oh, these are really cool cats.”

Any advice to any student currently reading this?

“I would say definitely try everything. Just go into it with no preconceptions and just be open to anything. Be open to new experiences, new challenges. You know, I went in with a biology major and I came out with an advertising one. It’s okay to switch stuff up like that. Definitely one thing I wish I did when I was in college is use all the resources that were made available, because you don’t get them postgrad. So definitely trying new things and doing what the university wants you to try is a great practice to see what you like.”