Cause You Gotta Have Faith

A relatively new staff member to the Union, Faith is practically bursting with passion and innovative ideas. She is the newest member of the Union’s videography squad, and currently her work can be seen on the big screens throughout the Union. We want to take a moment to introduce you to Faith Alvarez (before she becomes so famous we can no longer get an interview)!

What drew you to videography?

“When I discovered the world of YouTube, I stumbled across independent short films. They were completely DIY, but they told real stories and I immediately became interested. I decided to try creating my own videos and then I fell in love with entire process of creating a project.”

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

“Editing is by far my favorite part because I love taking the skeleton of a project and watching it come to life.”

What are your strengths, in your own words?

“My passion and dedication to videography helps me to achieve my goals. I am always craving to learn more!”

What is your favorite video project you’ve ever worked on?

“Currently we are curating the new season of Green Screen and I am having a blast. I am so honored to be able to take part in these projects and work with such amazing creatives.”

What staple songs are on your playlist?

“I don’t really have staple songs, but Paramore and The All-American Rejects always sneak their way into my playlists.”

What is your spirit animal?

“I’m not sure.. a cat?”

What’s your favorite color?

“I love a good mustard yellow. Oh, and maroon.”

What is your brain food?

“A plate full of veggies!”

What are your goals for the future?

“I would love to create documentaries. I want to tell stories and capture moments. No matter the scale of a story, that’s an important piece of history in someone’s world. I want to make an impact with the stories I tell through film. Opening the eyes of one person can lead to so much more. Who knows, maybe one day my art will inspire someone too?”

If you want to check out more of Faith’s video and photo work, you can find her on Instagram @faithalesia!