A Designing Mind with a Writing Heart

Taylor has the mind of a designer with the heart of a writer. She is supremely talented and creates beautiful designs that are colorful and clean! She has large aspirations and a work ethic to match–allow us to take a moment and introduce you to Taylor Smith!

What drew you to graphic design?

“I collected books and magazines like crazy growing up, and wanted to work in publishing in some way. I thought maybe I wanted to be a writer but realized how much more into graphics I was once I took a journalism class after high school.”

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

“I love developing a project through several iterations, seeing it change and grow and then having a tangible product in my hands at the end!”

What are your strengths, in your own words?

“I’m very adaptable and good at seeing the big picture, which makes collaborating with other designers and clients easier.”

What is your favorite thing you’ve ever designed?

“A literary journal for the English Department’s collaboration with Calhoun Middle School students–it was so fun to see stories and poems written by the students come together!”

What staple songs are on your playlist?

“Police & Thieves by The Clash
Lucy by Still Woozy
Let’s Ride by Q-Tip
Ashes to Ashes by Warpaint 
Lite Weight by Anderson .Paak”

What is your spirit animal?

“Sand Cat!”

What’s your favorite color?

“Any shade of blue.”

What is your brain food?

“Double stuffed Oreos.”

What are your goals for the future?

“I’d like to work in the film industry or in motion design, but I really want to leave Texas, and hopefully the country, once I graduate.”