5 Ways to Find Summer Fun in Denton

Summer is the time to relax, have fun, and hang out with friends you weren’t able to see much during the semester. We’ve collected five summer musts on the square where you are sure to spend a few hours with friends soaking up the sun and keeping cool this season!

Mad World Records

Take a step Back to the Future style and blast to the 1980s in Mad World Records. Vinyl, 45s, CDs, cassettes–all old forms of music as well as antique memorabilia. This is a place to spend a weekday afternoon with friends as you kill hours flipping through music of the past and present.

Recycled Books

This three-floored structure is home to more than just troves of literature. In this store that is as quirky as Denton itself you can find books covering almost every topic, vinyl, CDs, cassettes, and DVDs. If you’re looking to spend a night going through every shelf and structure, or want to find a film for the next Friday movie night, this is the place you and your friends can have a little fun.

Atomic Candy

Atomic is a candy shop even Willie Wonka would be envious of. This walls are lined with dozens of flavors and types of candy. Be prepared to walk out with more than you intended, but hey–whoever said there was such as thing as too much candy?

Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream

When they say “old fashioned” they’re not kidding around. Beth Marie’s looks and feels like the type of 1950’s ice cream parlor your grandparents would have frequented. The building was built in 1876, and the company is excellent at fashioning an old-timey atmosphere where you can spend a swell afternoon with a cone and soda pop.

More Fun Comics and Games

It’s hard to find traditional comic book shops that still sell individual comics, games, and action figures. More Fun Comics is a great place to let your nerd flag fly! Bring a group of friends and glance at the comics, getting into arguments about who is the best X-Man, the coolest Batman villain, the character development of Buffy, and if you’re willing to possibly loose friendships and blow up More Fun Comics–then Star Wars vs Star Trek.