Monthly Media Roundup: April

Can you believe that April is over? We had some record-breaking new releases last month that shattered both the box office and our hearts. We’ll jump from the latest Marvel releases, to Netflix specials, to top music–and we might throw in a little TV update while we’re at it. Your top media rounded up in one place, if you missed any of these last month now is your chance to get in the know about what you need to stay current on pop culture chats.

*Disclaimer: Some language and content may not be suitable for all audiences*

New Movie/TV Releases in April 2019

Don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything…but if you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame we recommend remedying that because this movie is one for the record book. Opening box office numbers show Avengers: Endgame passing Titanic to be the second-highest grossing movie of all time with a $2 billion global opening. This movie was ten years in the making and it definitely does not disappoint.

The two year wait is finally over–we have Game of Thrones season eight. We have four episodes so far and only two left, if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet now is the time (not only to avoid being that one confused friend every Monday morning nodding along like you know who Arya and Jon are)!

They tried to get rid of it but the internet brought it back! Brooklyn Nine Nine is now halfway through season six and the goofs and shenanigans are still at large. If you haven’t already we recommend giving it a watch, after season two you’ll find yourself acting more and more like Jake Peralta–and as long as you don’t have a fire extinguisher race at work you’ll be fine.

Netflix never seems to disappoint with delivering on the fast-catching content. This month is no different! Netflix released an eight-episode miniseries called Special following the true story of Ryan O’Connell, a man who decides to rewrite his life to find his true identity amongst the labels he’s always been confined by. If you haven’t given it a watch the episodes are only 15 minutes long and it’s definitely worth the time!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet trust us that Zachary Levi flossing is what makes Shazam. Sometimes DC can put out a good movie, and this is one of those times. Shazam follows a teenage boy who can transform into an adult super hero with kick butt powers. Just think of the possibilities…well Billy Batson does, and it leads to a hilarious journey playing out every childhood answer to the question “what if I was a superhero?”

Netflix is still coming out strong, and these two releases are proof that the streaming conglomerate is still enjoying its rule as king of content.

Fans can’t seem to get enough of Noah Centineo, especially fans like Netflix. The Perfect Date follows a high school senior who develops an app allowing people to hire him as a fake date for an evening. He’s whoever they want him to be, from his personality down to the shoes he wears. However, like any other good thing, it eventually get complicated…If you’re a fan of movies like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth we recommend giving it a watch!

Brie Larson owns our heart and soul, and the Unicorn Store is no exception. The Netflix movie follows Kit, an artist who failed out of art school and ended up taking an office temp job. Now she has the thing she’s always wanted: the ability to live a whimsical life of color and adopt a unicorn! This is a cute movie about being yourself despite the world pushing you against the tide in an opposite direction.

New Music/Podcasts Corner

The new music vat is bottomless, but we’ve followed what you’ve been listening to in order to collect your monthly jams. You can find your sound among the collection: Taylor Swift, Billie Ellish, Lizzo, Led Zeppelin, and Pale Waves along with many others. New releases and old releases are all included, it’s what you’ve been jamming to all in one place!

Taylor Swift is once again putting out content and our eyes are glued to the screen. Her latest release is a duo with Brendon Urie–so you know we’ll be at that concert. Give the music video a watch, it’s pure Taylor!

We are physically unable to keep the Jonas Brothers out of our monthly media roundup. We tried, we failed. Their newest releases has a very 80s Miami Vice vibe and we are falling in love with it. If you’re like us and ready for summer, this video will set the mood.

Who says Dungeon and Dragons isn’t cool? Well, most people would say that, but we’re bringing it back! Critical Role is a podcast hosted by different voice actors getting their nerd on with some intense D&D. There are dragons, occasionally people get trapped in dungeons, but above all the podcast is exceptionally hilarious. If you’re looking for a time commitment and a fun afternoon this is what we recommend.

This is a relatively new podcast to Spotify with only a few episodes out so far. Not Guilty examines how the judicial system defines guilt and the ways in which we deem someone “guilty” of a crime. This is great podcast for fans of true crime!

What have you ever been curious about? Nicknames? Emu Wars? The Sandman? If you wonder then hosts Josh and Chuck have you covered. Stuff You Should Know has answers for everyone, and whether you have 15 minutes or an hour to kill look up their podcast and pick up some knowledge to dazzle strangers at parties (it works, trust us).

Trending Light Reads

We do we procrastinate? Author Cal Newport dives into the evolutionary history of procrastination in an effort to first determine why, and then how, to halt procrastination in our every day lives. If you find yourself in this camp or are curious in general, we recommend giving this a read!

It’s Okay to be Good and Not Great” by Brad Stulberg

We all have this intrinsic idea that in order to achieve full success we have to be the very best at what we do. We all think we need to be at the top of our field and that being mediocre or average is akin to failure. Author Brad Stulberg dives into the problems with this way of thinking by explaining that most people fall into the middle camp, and that in doing so does not make them any less successful. This is a great read for those of you out there who push yourself to perfection in order to achieve success (spoiler alert, you’re already amazing!).

Good News of the Month

After the devastating fire at the Norte Dame Cathedral, the Bishop of Paris told a crowd of mourners that the three irreplaceable Rose Windows were still intact. These windows alone took years to build, and the fact that they survived the fire is an amazing feat with both emotional and historical significance.

We hope you enjoyed our picks, and if you have any media you want to see on our blog drop a comment here or message us on social media! We love hearing your thoughts and feedback. For more media and UNT related content make sure to give us a follow @untunion!