Monthly Media Roundup: March

This month was packed with incredible new media releases, from Captain Marvel to the Jonas Brothers to Pretty Little Liars to P!nk–there’s plenty of content we are ready to dive into. We sifted through the kinda-good and the never-again to bring you the top media you’ve been jamming, watching, and podcasting to.

*Disclaimer: Some language and content may not be suitable for all audiences*

New Movie/TV Releases in March 2019

Captain Marvel” broke records upon release, with ticket sales shooting over $900 million, it became the 10th largest comic book movie release of all time. The world was down for a female-led movie, and with a predominately female vocal soundtrack and zero love interest, fans understandably went wild.

This month we had exciting new TV releases that have been on our radars for a while. To start with, Queer Eye season three released to Netflix on the 15th and has already garnered positive reviews online. The #fab5 are everybody’s favorite reality group, and their consistent positivity and uplifting spirit are appreciated by many of you out there!

Netflix is coming in strong, we are also feeling the hype for their new original series: The Umbrella Academy. The Umbrella Academy is kind of like an X-Men/Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children crossover, with a dash of Riverdale mixed in. We’ve been loving it, you’ve been loving it, so if you haven’t already go add it to your queue.

The last new TV release that’s been taking over headlines and your twitter feeds is Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. This new series is a continuation of the constant mystery we’ve been keeping up with since eighth grade. With how much it’s been trending, this is definitely one of the Freeform’s hot new releases on everyone’s radar.

Five Feet Apart came out on March 15, and has been dominating the YA conversation since. We’re getting a The Fault in Our Stars, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, and Me, Earl and the Dying Girl vibes from this one. Between an accurate portrayal of cystic fibrosis and not romanticizing the illness, it’s no wonder we’re seeing Cole Sprouse gifs on our feeds.

New Music/Podcasts Corner

New music, new videos, every month. We listened and danced our way through your top picks to bring you this month’s jams. We are all over the board including bops featuring J. Cole, the Jonas Brothers, Tame Impala, The Beatles, Khalid, the Black Keys, and New Found Glory. Take a listen and find your sound!

It finally happened. The cure to all of our adult problems, the end of our suffering, the watering of our crops…the Jonas Brothers “Sucker” release. Eagerly anticipated and well-worth the hype, we definitely vibe with the Twitter cacophony of old and new fans. If you’ve somehow managed to miss seeing this video, now is your chance to join the craze.

It’s been two years since her Beautiful Trauma release, and P!nk has once again gifted us with another bop. The single “Walk Me Home” is the first release of her new upcoming album, Hurts 2B Human which is set to come out in April. You’re hyped, we’re hyped, get ready guys!

This podcast follows husbands Ryan and Lane Hollingsworth on their journey to become woke! Each episode follows a typical podcast conversation over current events and pop culture, but ends with a discussion and promotion of different nonprofit groups across the country. Every week they put out a new episode, talking about their daily lives (Wed) and promoting a different organization working to make the world a better place (Woke).

This NPR podcast takes a dive into the invisible forces which guide and play a major role in our daily lives. Science and storytelling meet in this podcast that will make you reexamine the way you live your lives (it definitely did for us). This particular episode talks about chronic pain, and how in our efforts to decrease it, the amount of widespread pain has only increased…

Comedians Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer collide in their half reality show, half self-help review podcast! Every two weeks they live their lives by the rules of a different self-help book–as expected, hilarity ensures. In this episode, the two comedians live by “The Four Agreements” for two weeks which means living your life by four principles: be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do your best. Sounds easy, right? Take a listen and see for yourself the challenges with what should be a simply task for everyone!

Trending Light Reads

Nearly 1 million data points show what it REALLY takes to lose fat, get healthy, and change your body.” by Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, CSCS and Camille DePutter

What does it really mean to make a meaningful change in your habits, your routine, and your goals? It’s a lot less than you think. Nobody is perfect, yet we all walk around acting like we need to hit our desired mark with 90-100% consistency in order to make a change. After evaluating nearly one million data points, authors Brian St. Pierre and Camille DePutter put that previous notion to bed and explain that you can make a significant improvement towards your goals with only 40% consistency. Take five minutes to read this article and learn not to be so hard on yourself, that one step–not a giant leap–in the right direction is all you need to make a meaningful change.

Smarter, Not Harder: How to Succeed at Work” by Shane Parrish

We all have our own ideas for being productive and devoting energy to certain tasks. Author Shane Parrish takes a unique approach by dividing his day into 96 energy blocks, one for every 15 minutes, and measuring out time that way. This approach lets you catalog your time, while also employing the Warren Buffet approach of choosing your focus and eliminating the unnecessary distractions from your day. This is a great read for those who are looking to improve their productivity, or simply spy on productive people and see how they do things!

Good News of the Month

Viral challenges are common in this upcoming generation, and we often see people doing things such as chugging milk, eating tide pods, driving blindfolded, eating cinnamon for thirty seconds–the list goes on. However, this recent challenge directly impacts the community. The #trashtag moment encourages people to collect and pick up trash in their communities, showing a before and after picture of their efforts. This led people to pick up trash while jogging, hiking, having fun on their vacations, and while on road trips! Efforts like these which are posted online encourage followers and trend setters to take part, and all those people working together are picking up thousands of pounds of trash.

Let us know your thoughts on our picks, and make sure to drop a comment on this article or on Instagram/Twitter for media you want to see in next month’s roundup. Stay connected with us on social media @untunion!