5 Ways to Spend National Goof Off Day Wisely

On this very day, Friday, March 22nd, it is National Goof Off Day! After the weeks of studying and doing homework, it’s time to cut loose and have a little fun! Step back, take a break, and use this time to enjoy yourself. Don’t know what to do or how to spend this very important day? Boy do we have some great ideas for you to do today!

1. Go somewhere unexpected

Take this time to go somewhere you rarely visit and try to enjoy yourself! It doesn’t have to be somewhere far or hours away, it could be just walking distance from you. For some college students a great place to go would be class (maybe try attending that afternoon you’ve been sleeping through)! When you tell your friends all about it, they’ll think you’re joking!

2. Take some unpredictable selfies

Not everyday will you be given an excuse to goof off! For any wacky things you end up doing, document your fun and take a selfie while doing it. You’re going to want to remember this day and be able to look back at these memories! The unpredictable part, well that’s not just the activity. The unpredictable part is that these selfies are taken in less than 20 tries and actually look good!

3. Pull a prank on your roommate

What says “National Goof Off Day” more than pulling a friendly prank? Especially when it’s on your roommate. When your first alarm to wake up goes off–okay this is so crazy but hear us out–you actually wake up! No hitting the snooze button, and no 5 minute naps–you just get up! Your roommate will be taken by surprise when they actually get to sleep in and maybe even your suite mates (shoutout to those thin dorm room walls!)

This is what waking up to their alarm feels like.

4. Don’t just dress wacky, become it

Today is the day where you get to dress crazy (not that you can’t everyday). But now, your friends still have to be friends with you and strangers won’t think you’re as insane because you have an excuse! But don’t just dress up, go above and beyond. Become the hot mess we all are deep inside, embrace it and wear it with confidence.

5. Go crazy! Go stupid!

Some days, you have to go crazy. Other days, you have to go stupid. But on National Goof Off Day, why choose? Go both crazy AND go stupid! Get a couple of friends together and spend the day having a good time with each other going both crazy and stupid!

All jokes aside (how ironic), take this day to just blow off some steam, relax, and be a little goofy. Have a day of fun before the panic of finals creep up on us! Guess you could say we participated in National Goof Off Day too!