8 Things to Look Forward to at #UnionFest19

The all-day party you’ve been waiting for is coming up on Thursday! 9am to midnight we have food, dancing, free giveaways, and activities planned all for you, all to celebrate the Union. There’s a lot going on and plenty of places to hit up–so here are 8 things you need to keep on your radar for Thursday!

  1. Free breakfast: At 8am and 9am we are giving away coffee, tea, coffee cake, and donut holes to start your morning off with a little something sweet!
  2. The carnival: Yep you heard us, stop by our carnival on the South Lawn for a chance to win your own #UnionFest19 t-shirt!
  3. Vendor Fair: Meet us in the Emerald Ballroom to see your favorite vendors and pick up some freeeee swaaaag while you’re there!
  4. Five O’Clock Lab Band: Your favorite jazzy musicians will be giving an hour performance in the Syndicate, you don’t want to miss out!
  5. Sing-along showing of Bohemian Rhapsody: It’s everything you wanted to do in the theaters but couldn’t due to “societal standards.” Now you can get up out of your chair and be the Freddy Mercury you wanted to be while watching it the first time!
  6. Triviaaaaaaa: Put your random knowledge to the test, we dare you. Join us in the Syndicate to pit your skills against friends, enemies, co-workers, that one kid from third grade you’re always trying to one-up–we won’t judge!
  7. Silent disco: Want to get down, get funky, get quiet?? We’re hosting a three-hour silent disco, so get ready to bring your friends for some late night jams.
  8. Karaoke Dokie: You listened to the musical stylings of your fellow classmates and saw their sweet dance moves, now get ready to bop! From 9pm until midnight we’ll be jamming in the Syndicate as you sing, perform stand-up, get crazy with acapella–we’ll be there to support you! It’ll be the last #UnionFest19 event of the night, so it’s a can’t miss!

This is not an exhaustive list of what is going on throughout the day at #UnionFest19 by far! Stick with us throughout the week, we’ll be posting the full schedule on social media @UNTUnion.