Monthly Media Roundup: February

Calling out you punk, podcast, indie film, music video die-hard, classic rock, radio-forever, media consuming humans! We listened to your likes, your dislikes, your hot takes and your underrated favs to bring you this month’s media roundup!

*Disclaimer: Some language and content may not be suitable for all audiences*

We all have our own definition of good music, and this month we put our ears to the ground in order to find out what was at the top of your recent artists. Pop, rock, country, alternative–you listened and we got it! Trust us, your taste is somewhere on this playlist.

You can play a game of six degrees in your life between you and a die-hard podcast listener. Whether you’re that person who has the iTunes top 50 podcasts memorized, the casual listener, or the one who just typed “podcasts?” into Google–we’ve collected a few we think you will enjoy.

Deception, intrigue, drama, lying…sound like a great box office movie? This podcast feels like one as you listen to the unbelievably true story unfurl following a woman once seen as the next Steve Jobs who is now facing up to 20 years prison. Listen to see where it all went wrong…
You’ve heard the famous line: for just one hour a day and no experience you can be your own boss and make thousands a week! It sounds too good to be true, and that’s because it is. Pyramid scenes, multi-level marketing–these scams are extremely prevalent hurting those around us and host Jane Marie is ready to delve into this issue.
Sometimes we need a little humor, a little absurdity, and a lot of goofs. This is an advice show for the modren era where the hosts themselves warn you to never follow this advice. Three brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy take submitted questions from listeners and absurd Yahoo answers to deliver some truly terrific life advice.
Who says the news can’t be funny? Sometimes we want to listen to the news in a way that makes us laugh instead of roll our eyes into oblivion. Join Cracked co-founder Jack O’Brien and co-host Miles Grey as they explain the happenings in the news and pop culture circuit with a guest comedian every day!

Music videos are still very much a thing, except it’s now more “I want my YouTube ad-free” than “I want my MTV.” Either way, they’re still producing and we’re still loving! We collected the top two music videos you guys have been streaming and we definitely recommend giving them a watch (if you haven’t already)!

How to Read 80ish Books a Year (And Actually Remember Them)

In this article from GQ, writer Clay Skipper lays out a system to read more and retain the information you are reading. This advice is helpful for those who are looking to read more, or if you are struggling to retain what you read in textbooks for class. Read the full article here!

The Practical De-escalation of Worry

Worrying is something we do so often it should be our paying full-time job. While it may be a common trait, there are things we can do to keep our worry from taking over our lives. Author and business guru Seth Godin lists out the ways you can work to contain the worry instead of letting it control you. You can read his full list of advice here.

To end our media roundup we have our good news of the month! In 2018, New York and Virginia became the first states to mandate mental health education in their school districts. This is a monumental change which will continue to change and improve upon the way we view and help those suffering from mental illness! (source)

See you guys next month! As always, drop your comments and suggestions for future media in our comments section or hit us up on our social media channels under @untunion!