Your Guide to Eaglethon

This upcoming Saturday, the Center for Leadership and Service will be hosting Eaglethon: a 10 hour non-stop dance party in the Union to benefit Cook Children’s. There are a lot of events going on throughout the Union that day, so we have collected a rundown for you on what to expect and look out for!

  1. The tunnel: Throughout the event, every time the kids run to the stage a tunnel is formed in order to celebrate them. You won’t want to miss cheering on the kids!
  2. The Miracle Families: The children and their families will be coming on stage during Eaglethon to tell their stories and the impact the event has on their lives. Make sure that you are there to understand what a significance Eaglethon can bring to the kids of Cook Children’s.
  3. Miracle Makeover: One of the fundraising events happening throughout Eaglethon is the opportunity to have a make-over done by one of the kids! It’s a great way for you to get involved with the fundraising process and have some fun with the kids.
  4. Lip Sync Battle: One of the other fundraising pushes is the chance to be coached by one of the kids in Eaglethon’s very own Lip Sync Battle. Get ready to sing!

There are going to be many all-day dancing and other events going on in the Union you don’t want to miss out on. And the best part is that the entire event is to benefit Cook Children’s. Make sure to join us from 2pm-12am on Saturday for the 10th annual Eaglethon!