Your Valentines Day Checklist

We all know Valentine’s day can be stressful–how much chocolate should you buy? Tulips or roses? Restaurant or home-cooked meal? Water park or roller coaster? Decisions. To help make your Thursday easier (threw that out there for those of you who didn’t know Valentine’s Day is THIS THURSDAY) we put together a checklist of all the things you need to have a successful day where you maybe don’t get dumped by your significant other.

  • Chocolates are overrated: just accept it. Here’s what you do to really make the day special. One word: pecans. It is one of the best-kept secrets that the most romantic food in the multiverse is pecans. Don’t believe us? Well, see what your partner’s face looks like after you buy them a burlap sack of pecans. Trust us. #pecans5ever

  • Here’s the thing, flowers die, but grass lives for years. Do you really want to buy a carnation that will be dead in a week? Think about it: you get your partner a flower, it dies, they think about death, they break up with you for making them contemplate their short-lived time on the cruel cruel world where there is no happiness because the carnation died and–……avoid the death break up! Get them a patch of grass they can love and cherish for years. Talk about a memorable gift!

  • Let us tell it to you straight, you were thinking about getting your partner a cute teddy bear, weren’t you? Sure, your significant other will squeeze the stuffed animal for 45 seconds, but then it will get tossed to the side. Forgotten on the island of misfit toys. We have the solution! Don’t get your date a stuffed bear, get them a real bear! Think about the impact that would be! Your gift would top any other gift they have ever gotten, and that’s a guarantee!

  • Your first instinct is to pair dinner with soft-lit candles. But picture this: you knock the candle over, it catches the curtain on fire, then the fire department has to come and put out the flames and now there are attractive firefighters in your house saving the day. Now dinner and your good curtains are ruined. But do not fret, we have a solution to the candle dilemma! Glow sticks. You can get multiple colors and string them up in a cool pattern, now that is more romantic than just a regular old candle.

  • We all know that desserts are the most important part of Valentine’s Day. Let us save you the mistake of picking chocolate covered strawberries and causing a break up (you know why). The best alternative from chocolate covered strawberries is peanut butter covered oranges. We know what you’re thinking, how have you never heard of this amazingly decadent combination before? It’s a secret the media doesn’t want you to know. But we’ll risk the sniper attack in order to get the information out to the public. Try this dessert on for size and you’ll be amazed at the result!!

We hope you enjoy the tips and advice in order to make your Valentine’s Day one for the books! So just remember, pecans are the romantic foods and flowers will get you broken up with. Happy Valentine’s Day!