Monthly Media Roundup: January

We’ve been watching, jamming, and podcasting all month to bring you our top picks of the season (and by season we mean cold, sometimes warm, then back to being cold again without warning). Take a look at what we, and your fellow students, have been into this month!

*Disclaimer: Some language and content may not be suitable for all audiences*

Reply All focuses on how technology impacts people, and how people, in turn, affect technology. In this particular episode, the journalists behind Reply All focus on phone scammers. And just when you think you know what’s going on, the entire story flips on its side and upside down again.

Believed, a podcast by NPR, tells the story of Larry Nasser, an Olympic gymnast doctor, who abused women and girls for decades. This 9 part series will fully explore the controversy from every angle.

Organization is on every college student’s mind, how do we maintain it and how do we get better at it? Thomas Frank delves into the traits of organized people and how you too can get yourself organized!

Why We Overcommitt

In college, we tend to say “yes” a lot more than we say “no.” This can lead to terrible amounts of stress and even burnout if we take on too much. “I was great at showing up for others or getting the assigned job done, but when it came to fulfilling what I had promised to myself, I repeatedly failed,” author Jennifer Freed states. This article will help you realize when you may be overcommitting and how to focus on your own needs before taking on too many of others.

How to Develop Better Habits in 2019

We all want to cultivate good habits in ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to make them stick or figure out which ones are best suited for our life and individual goals. Author Ryan Holiday goes through a checklist for not only setting better habits for yourself, but maintaining them throughout the year.

Troye Sivan has released some killer hits in January and the music video for his song “Lucky Strike” is one we cannot stop jamming to. If you’re looking for a bop to get stuck in your head, we recommend you jump on the Troye train with us!

We’ve collected the top January jams we’ve been bopping to this month into our monthly playlist. Any genre, any decade, we collected the jamsssss.

How about we end with the good news of the month? New data from the World Energy Outlook 2018 states that for the first time ever, the number of people without access to electricity fell below one billion. In 2017 over 120 million people gained access to electricity! That means now more than ever, we are on a track to having no one left in the dark without electricity.