5 Resources to Stay Informed This Spring Semester

When it comes to staying informed around campus it can be hard to find the proper resources to get a full picture of what goes on around UNT. To help alleviate the search process, we have gathered five comprehensive resources to keep students, faculty, and parents informed. These tools cover campus events, student organization happenings, on-campus politics, and specific navigational questions. We have laid out what each resource covers and the ways to contact them so you too can stay informed!

The North Texas Daily

The North Texas Daily is a weekly newspaper published by UNT students and covers topics such as student organization and sports updates, Denton-wide community events, and local political coverage. The NT Daily is a great comprehensive resource to get a quick view of everything happening around campus, Denton, and the DFW area.

“It’s a great source of information direct from the students. Aside from keeping students informed about the community, it’s also a great opportunity for students to publish real works from all ends of a newspaper production–from advertising, to creative, to a full editorial board with a full press team,” past North Texas Daily student employee James Bersosa stated. “The NT Daily continues to be one of the pillars of information and opportunity for over 100 years at UNT, while being something that the students can call their own.”

You can access the NT Daily through their website here, or you can pick up a physical copy which is published every Thursday during the fall and spring semesters!

UNT Social Media Accounts

The two most wide-reaching UNT social media accounts with campus-wide coverage are the @UNTsocial and @UNTUnion accounts. All the accounts work to promote both large-scale UNT events as well as student organization updates. The UNT Union accounts specifically will cover Union events as well as organizations around campus across their platforms.

“At the Union, we work really hard to stay on top of promoting various events, so that we can help students, faculty, and staff feel connected to the Mean Green community,” Union Marketing Assistant Lore Yessuff stated. “Honestly, that is our ultimate goal. We just want our people to feel and know that UNT is truly their home. Social media is a fun and effective medium to remind people of that truth.”

You can follow these three accounts on Twitter here, and the handles are the same across their other platforms: @UNTUnion and @UNTsocial.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a student-run organization advocating for students at an administrative and system level and is comprised of five divisions: the Executive Branch, Student Senate, Supreme Court, Election Board, and an Intern program. The organization acts as the voice of the undergraduate student body by voicing student concerns.

“We have a multi-faceted approach. Our first way is concern cards, and that’s one resource we use to get all the concerns that students may have,” SGA President Muhammad Kara stated. “We use that resource to make sure the student’s concerns are being met. So if they have a concern about dining, transportation, or in one of their classes we take that and make sure that concern is actually met. Another resource we use is our Twitter account, we follow almost everyone on campus that offers a resource and we retweet/post about other campus resources. We’re very active on our social media and respond a lot to them.”

“And the last thing we have is our website,” Kara stated. “We are basically integrating all the Student Affairs resources on our website–and it will be uploaded really soon, give us a couple of weeks. So if any student has a question about Student Affairs they can go onto our website and basically find the resource, name, and contact. That’s one approach this administration is trying to do to streamline this process. There are a lot of organizations on campus but not everyone knows where they are at, or even where they are. So we wanted to include kind of a one-stop-shop aspect to make sure students can find those resources.”

You can follow their Twitter account here, or you can get contact information and updates directly from their website here.


The University Program Council (UPC) is a student-run organization which hosts various events around campus for students which are social, entertaining, cultural, and educational. The council works exclusively for students and they make it incredibly easy to attend their events or even become a member of UPC.

“It’s always really cool to see students engaging in our events, and I can’t say that we provide one single thing either,” UPC Events Coordinator Chris stated. “We’re always encouraging students to join and we’re a student-made organization. I think we’re a resource for students to come and join a welcoming community. It’s always fun to see our members come from all over the campus and then seeing them all come together. We help create that welcoming environment, so it’s always cool to see that.”

You can stay up-to-date with UPC by following their Twitter here, or picking up a physical copy of their Spring events calendar at the start of the semester.

Union help desk

The Union is a large building which houses multiple student organizations, the Division of Student Affairs, UNT legal services, and the Eagle Student Services Center among a large variety of other associations. Therefore, it can be difficult to navigate and find out where you can find proper resources within the Union. The front desk workers are there to give out information about where students can find organizations, events, the lost and found, and get directions within the Union and around campus.

“Essentially we’re directors on campus, which is usually for transfers and freshman. We’re the lost and found, and help students there too. We guide students in the right direction, both around campus and primarily in the Union,” Union front desk worker Jabari said.

The help desk can be found on the second floor of the Union next to the Chick-fil-A and the art gallery.

There are so many resources located around for students to get involved, stay informed, and become a part of the UNT community. These are just a few of the many on campus, but they are a great place to start as you continue your journey and come across new organizations and tools which help you get the most out of your college experience.