Letter from a Graduating Senior

Today, I woke up with bittersweetness coating my throat and shakiness overcoming my hands. Somehow tomorrow I will walk across the Coliseum stage and become an official University of North Texas alum. I have yet to completely come to terms with this, but honestly it doesn’t matter because, ready or not, its happening.

This phase of my life is ending, has ended and all I can do is accept that, smile, and keep moving along the path. So much has happened and changed around and within me these past four and half years. So much deconstruction and growth, so much gain and loss, so much trying and failing and then trying again.  

Naturally, I am thrilled and relieved and happy, but I am also anxious and hesitant and afraid. I never thought I would be the type to say this, but truth be told I’m going to miss this place. I’ve made home of this university with its spontaneous sidewalk conversations and brief, but needed half-grins, with its trees boasting in autumn and providing shade in the midst of summer, with its construction and limited parking and angsty squirrels, with its open, committed heart to my confused and ever-changing self, I’ve made home of this place and I’m finding it hard to leave, but something inside keeps telling me you’re ready, you’re ready, you’re ready, and though I keep resisting, I’d be a liar if I said I disagreed. UNT has prepared me in ways that make me feel confident not only for the workforce, but for anything our world has to offer be it scary or complicated or intense, with the vigor and skills I’ve been given I know I’ll be just fine where ever I may go. Now all I can do is give full-hearted thank you’s and weepy see you later’s. 

I am grateful for the knowledge I earned and then crammed during all those sleepless nights. I am grateful for the awkward hellos that led to transformative connections. I am grateful for the vibrancy and life fluttering throughout this campus that is now fluttering within all of my being. I am ever, ever grateful for you UNT. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. See you later.