Wayne White’s Week @ UNT

Wayne White is an American artist well known for his wild, wacky set and puppet design on the popular CBS show Pee-wee’s Playhouse. However, he also a man with an array of creative abilities and a huge imagination.  He has worked on various projects as an illustrator, art director, animator, cartoonist, and painter. Currently, he spends his time touring the US leading workshops and giving talks about his artwork.

During the week of October 22nd, White hosted a week-long mask-making workshop for UNT students as a part of the Fine Arts Series. This workshop gave students the opportunity to work side by side with White and learn more about the way he approaches artmaking. Each artist utilized cardboard and hot glue to create large, whimsical puppet heads.

Wayne White - BTS-5.jpgWayne White - BTS-1.jpgWayne White - BTS-3.jpg

In addition to the workshop, Wayne White gave an inspiring, dream-like artist talk on the evening of October 23rd. White incorporated images, music, videos, personal stories and a plethora of his own work into the hour and a half long talk. He pushed his audience to listen to the “fever” burning inside of them and make art that reflects the twists and tango with it.

wayne white artist talk -4.jpgwayne white artist talk -10.jpgwayne white artist talk -13.jpg

Wayne White ended his week at UNT by participating in the Twilight Lantern Parade at the Downtown Denton Square on Saturday, October 27th. White and his workshop students walked the square with their large heads showing off their week’s worth of artistic hustle.

Twilight Parade-25.jpgTwilight Parade-31.jpgTwilight Parade-39.jpg

Make sure to follow the UNT Fine Arts Series for more information about upcoming events this school year.