Monthly Media Roundup: July

Here are some things we were into this month:

*Disclaimer: Some language and content may not be suitable for all ages*

Thanks for tuning in to our second Monthly Media Roundup. This is the July edition. Please, enjoy the list of media we’ve found to be particularly cultural, interesting, or just really good this month.


Sorry To Bother You 


Ant-Man and the Wasp 


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


Television. Well, Netflix and HBO:



Sharp Objects

Wanna talk about memes? Of course you do:

‘Who’s Entertaining Who?: How the Internet Picks Up Drake’s Slack –

This is a super interesting piece about how Drake’s “In My Feelings,” is making money not because it’s a revolutionary song, but rather because it’s turned into a meme. The Internet is a mighty, mighty thing, folks. #InMyFeelingsChallenge


Other media that you might like: 

A Podcast
Terrible, Thanks For Asking –
“A funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about talking honestly about our pain, our awkwardness, and our humanness.”

A Netflix promotional video. Trust us on this one. Watch it.


A visual intro to our playlist (listed below):


Check out our July Jams playlist now available on Spotify! 

Listen. Not all of these are our favorite songs, but they ARE generating a lot of buzz. Check them out and stay up to date with the world of music.


We want to know the media pieces we missed this month, and the things that you want to see on next month’s roundup! Leave a comment below, tag us (@UNTunion), DM us, or respond to our posts telling us what you think. We’re in this thing together.