The Monthly Media Roundup

JUNE 2018

As people of the modern age, we can access the whole world through a simple swipe or scroll. We can read about the global politics, listen to music from the 1970s, or binge watch cat videos. This is one of the most exciting aspects of being alive today, but it can be undeniably overwhelming. Sometimes it seems like stories, slogans, and images are constantly fighting for our attention. Additionally, the endless array of options can make deciding what to consume difficult. Well, we want to help! We are starting The Monthly Media Roundup to streamline your media selection process. Each month, we’ll put together a cultural list of pieces that are making us think, feel, and smile in hopes that you’ll like them too.


Here are some things we were into this month:

*Disclaimer: Some language and content may not be suitable for all ages*


Our choice for outstanding movie of the month:

The Incredibles 2


One of our favorite shows:

The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 2


An instant piece of culture that can’t be ignored:

Apesh**t Music Video

If you want to read about some things you might have missed in the video, we recommend this article.


A podcast we found particularly intriguing:

Hidden Brain – Hungry, Hungry Hippocampus (a podcast about the psychology behind food choices)


And finally, we compiled a list of a few songs our staff is listening to this month. Check it out on our Spotify:

June Jams Playlist


If we missed a piece of media (movies, books, songs, podcasts, memes, whatever!) that you think is utterly wonderful, let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for next month’s roundup.