Finals SZN: Tips for the Final Stretch

It’s finals szn and we know what that means!


Just kidding. No need to panic! Finals will be a breeze with these simple tips for getting through these last few weeks.

Extended hours & study rooms


Beginning May 6, the Union will have extended hours and study rooms available. If you struggle to study in your dorm room or apartment, or if “Club Willis” is packed, the Union has got your back!

The Syndicate will have extended hours until 3 AM on May 4 and May 6 – 9.

The Jade Eagle Ballroom will be split in half with one side being a quiet study space and the other side conducive to group study space. Electrical outlets and furniture will be provided. This space will be available:

  • May 6, noon – 12 AM
  • May 7 – May 9, 7 AM – 12 AM
  • May 10, 7 AM – noon

Late Night Study BREAKfast

giphy (1)

Take a study break with some free breakfast! In the Union Chat, there will be a late-night pancake breakfast. It’ll be on May 7, beginning at 9 PM and ending when they run out of pancakes and sausages.

Chill out in the Meditation Room


Meditation may seem boring, but it’s backed by neuroscience to help improve focus and calm the body. Studying for finals can be extremely overwhelming. Take a mental-health break and make your way up to the fourth floor of the Union. There is plenty of quiet space in the Meditation Room to calm your mind, center your focus, and find some peace. Do yourself a favor and meditate for 3-5 minutes (or longer, if you can)!

Ask for help


Don’t be afraid to seek help! Reach out to a classmate to see if you can study together or start a study group. Go to your professor’s office hours to clarify any information or answer questions. Check out the Learning Center or Multicultural Center for drop-in tutoring; the Learning Center’s website also has other resources that can help you succeed.

Be prepared


Wait…speaking of finals, do you know when your final is?? If not, here is a link to the Registrar’s website. Another way to prepare yourself for the impending exam is to make sure you have all the supplies you need from the campus Barnes and Noble.

Good luck, UNT!