Gearing Up for the Spring Semester

Rub those sleepy eyes, UNT!


We know you’ve been sleeping almost every day since fall finals and you’re probably dreading the idea of getting up earlier than 12PM, but the spring semester is only 3 days away. It’s time to get ready! And we’re here to help!

Here are your 5 ways to gear up for the spring semester:

Stay warm.


The weather looks like it’s going to be about FREEZING degrees outside for the rest of January and the beginning of February. Get ready to tote around a large coat, gloves, a reliable hat, and a statement scarf. Keep your eye on the weather after February! You know north Texas: it’s 30 one day and 70 the next.

Take care of your body.


We hate to sound all “doom and gloom,” but cold and flu season is upon us. Campus is about to be packed, so carry some hand sanitizer, get your flu shot, and make sure to get a healthy dose of Vitamin C. Make sure you have medicine stocked up. And don’t forget to take care of yourself! The best thing you can do for your body is to get the right nutrients, hydrate, and stay active!

Gather school supplies.


Pull that backpack out of the corner, dust off your laptop, and sharpen your pencils! It’s always economical to use old notebooks, pens, and other supplies from the fall semester. If you have to purchase new supplies, the Barnes and Noble can set you up on campus. Nothing says “New Year, New Me” quite like a brand new backpack, spiral, or set of highlighters.

Dress your best.


Another way to say “New Year, New Me” is to step into the spring semester with a new style. There are going to be some fresh faces on campus this spring, so dress to impress.

Prepare yourself.


Start the semester off with confidence by reading all of your classes syllabi beforehand. A great way to prepare is to write down important projects, assignments, and due dates in your planner. We know the beginning of a new semester can seem daunting: new classes, new professors, and new people. Hang in there. With the right kind of preparation, you can be ready to handle anything!