International Artists Day: Celebrating the Union Art Gallery

Nestled behind the Info Desk, on the second floor of the Union, is the Union Art Gallery. It’s a dim, quiet corner, intended to immerse those viewing and admiring the art. The Union Art Gallery has three objectives:

Showcase the creative endeavors & artistic output of the UNT student body.
Provide students, faculty, staff, alumni, and campus visitors with meaningful encounters with the visual arts.
Cultivate skills related to exhibition, curatorial, and preparator practices for UNT students.

In 2017 alone, the art gallery has featured nine different exhibitions, with their tenth on display this week. In honor of International Artists Day, we’re reflecting on the work that has been featured in our gallery this year.

Togetherness, presented by F.O.C.U.S (Fellowship of Christian University Students)

Artists of F.O.C.U.S had their work on display in the Union Art Gallery from the end of February to mid March.

Parallel Spaces, a collaboration of art

Parallel Spaces was on display from the end of March to mid April. The exhibition was a collection from artists such as: Hannah Aaron, Leah Flook, Michelle Green, Brandon McGahey, Mani Negarestan, Josh Reyes, and Eric Dickenson

Stranger Danger, by Austin Lewis

The art of Austin Lewis was on display in the gallery in April.

(if)yunomi, by Taylor Ponzo

According to BFA student Taylor Ponzo, “(if)yunomi is a play on words, representing both traditional Japanese teacup form and the phrase ‘If you know me.'” Ponzo displayed his pottery for a solo BFA exhibition, exemplifying the breadth and depth of his talent as a potter. This exhibition went from the end of April to mid May.

Raw, presented by Parallax

Raw was put together by 15 UNT student photographers in Parallax, the UNT student fine art photography club. Their art was in the gallery from the end of May to mid June. These 15 students include: Blair Blatter, Saryna Cedillo, Katherine Curry, Paige Downs, Ryan Ellibee, JayMee Hart, Hudson Ingram, Emma Lassiter, Austin Lewis, Dang Nquyen, Abby Pfaff, Alicia Porter, Evan Sheldon, Huy Tran, and Ruben Zamora.

Gender & Medium, curated by Annalisa Giannotti with the Denton Art Gallery

This exhibition was provided by the Denton Art Gallery and curated by art history student Annalisa Giannotti. It was on display this summer.


Lifeline, by Megan Rhoby Dale

Megan Rhoby Dale’s experiential display was in the gallery at the beginning of the fall semester, from the end of August to early September.

I Have My Mother’s Eyes, a collaboration of art

I Have My Mother’s Eyes was in the gallery from early to late September. It was a collaboration of work from artists such as: Mark Coleson, Eugenia (AO) Carmona, McCall Sowers, and Marianna Seaton.

Chiaroscuro, by Amy He & Sarah Barnett

“A spectrum of tension and drama,” the works of Amy He and Sarah Barnett were on display from the end of September to the beginning of October.

brand new in box, by Kirsten Angerbaur

According to Kirsten, the exhibit was a commentary on the new UNT College of Visual Arts and Design building and the construction takes over much of campus. “New CVAD building will be a significant improvement for future students; however, at what disadvantage to current students creative environment?” This exhibition was in the gallery from early to late October.

Up in the Union Art Gallery this week is Pedagogical Ruminations, a collaboration by Ellie Ivanova, Rory Parks, Monica Barrera, Yasmin Valdez, and James Own. In honor of International Artists Day, students should stop by the art gallery and admire the work of their peers.

Reception for Pedagogical Ruminations is today (10/25/17) from 4-6PM in the Union Art Gallery

Here is a look at the fall semester. The Union Art Gallery is looking forward to three exhibits to end the year with.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 11.06.10 AM

Not only does the gallery have some great exhibits to look forward to, but they are currently looking for spring exhibit submissions! If you’re an artist and student at the University of North Texas, you are eligible to submit your solo, curated, or collaborated proposal. You can look for more information on their website.

Happy International Artists Day!

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