Find Your Place: Resources to Help You Settle In


Whether you’re an incoming freshman adjusting to the college life or a transfer student getting to know campus, we’re SO excited to have you here! We’ve been looking forward to this moment probably as much as you have. And we’re here for you! We exist so you can find your place here at UNT.

That being said, here is a quick, handy-dandy list of resources to help you settle in.

Class Identity

You’ve seen the UNT18, UNT19, UNT20, and UNT21 hashtags all over the place, right? Well, hop on the bandwagon! Take some pride in being in a graduating class at UNT! The Division of Student Affairs has other ways for you to show your class pride through Class Identity programs. These programs include class meet-ups, class causes, and ways to earn class pins. You can get more involved on campus while getting to know your peers!

ACCESS Mentoring

The Division of Student Affairs also offers ACCESS Mentoring! This is a unique opportunity to have a faculty/staff or peer mentor help you navigate college. They can help you set goals, discuss your plans, and find your way. This is a great resource for students looking to make a meaningful connection with someone who can help them get through this stressful transition.

Involvement Advising

With what feels like millions of student organizations to choose from, deciding on where to look can be overwhelming. But don’t fret! Student Activities has Involvement Advising and College Life Ambassadors to help! They can assist you in figuring out which organizations you should join and how you can get involved.

Off-Campus Connection

Meeting new people can be difficult and it can be especially so when you don’t live on campus. However, Student Activities offers Off-Capus Connection as a way for students to connect with fellow renters and commuters. It doesn’t matter if you’re commuting from Flower Mound or renting an apartment off of Fry Street because you can share in how much you hate traffic!

Academic Advising

One of the most helpful resources on campus has to be, hands down, academic advising. The advisors at UNT can assist you in deciding your major, choosing classes, and registering for said classes. Not only that, but they can help you navigate other resources in your specific major. Take advantage of their time! Go see one ASAP!!

This is just a modest list to get y’all started! We know, a new environment and a change of pace can be unsettling. You may feel overwhelmed and stressed out over all this new stuff. Make this transition easier on yourself by utilizing these resources. Go out there and own your first year here at UNT!

And, most importantly, GO MEAN GREEN!