Designer Profile: Jazzmyn Coker

If you don’t know what UNT Design Works is, you’re missing out. Run by Union Marketing, Design Works is a print shop that prints large and small format specialty print jobs, as well as operates as a graphic design firm. Services are available to students, departments, and the public. Design Works produces a lot of really great designs (hence the name) so we would like to take some time to profile the excellent designers we have on staff not just because they’re awesome but so you can see their past work and find insight on their personal style, should you like to hire them.


Jazzmyn Coker, INFP, Senior Communication Design Major
and Graphic Designer at Union Design Works

According to Strengths Quest, Jazzmyn’s strengths are:

  1. Empathy
  2. Context
  3. Futuristic
  4. Intellection
  5. Developer

“Maybe being able to pull from a variety of inspirations. I think being able to pull from a lot of different types of inspiration is important for having different types of clients to design for. All the same I really like to keep an energetic voice in my design.”

What is your designer playlist?

1. “BB Poison” Death Grips
2. “Rockit” Gorillaz
3. “Peg” Steely Dan
4. “Pull Over” KCee, WizKid

What is your spirit animal?

“A platypus, because they’re weird. They’re a hodge-podge of different things. That’s a lot of what I am. I have a lot of different interests and capabilities.”

What is your brain food?

“Either Skittles or Starburst Jellybeans.”

What is your favorite color? 

“It’s a tie between yellow and orange, but I think yellow, more specifically.”

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

“I think I would be interested in something related to aviation, I don’t know if that’s on the technical side, but I just love airplanes and aviation. I don’t think that’s something that my brain is meant for, naturally, but that’s something I have always been interested in.”

What are some tools you couldn’t design without? 

Definitely my sketchpad. It doesn’t matter if I’m designing something that I am going to use my bamboo pad for, but I have to have my sketchpad and my pencil to sketch out any idea I might have. I know people can just start in the computer, but I have to draw it out for sure. So, my pencil, my sketchpad, my bamboo tablet, and a ruler.

What’s in your bag?

I have my laptop, my bamboo tablet, my binder, my snacks, skittles, headphones and my folder, because it carries all my thumbnails.

What is your favorite (or least favorite) font?

My least favorite is impact. It’s really cheap, and people use it a lot for cheap advertisements and stuff. But my favorite, is Bookman, It really characterizes 1970’s swash typefaces and I really enjoy a lot of the design and typography that comes out of the 70’s so that’s my go-to design.

What is your favorite thing about your design?

Probably that everything is unconventional. A lot of my professors say that my design is purposefully ugly, in a good way. But yeah, I just really like to push the boundary for what’s safe and what’s not safe and it really bothers me that other people want to stay safe. I think sometimes it’s appropriate, but I just like to push those boundaries whenever I can.

Give a summary of your aesthetic as a designer.

“Intentionally funky, unconventional, bold and fresh. Just a bunch of adjectives.”-J.C.