Mental Health Matters: How UNT Can Help

It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay, and if you didn’t know, your Mental Health is critical to functioning normally as a human being. Especially as a college student, it’s easy to let things slip. Mental Health is important, but nobody’s perfect, and it’s important to know you’re not alone. UNT offers a lot of services that can help with your mental health. Here’s just a few of them:


1. Use your counseling sessions
This might be the most important tip of all. As a UNT student, your student fees cover 8 counseling sessions a year. This means that whatever you’re going through, you’ll be able to check in with a therapist at the Health Center whenever you need to. Don’t be afraid, the staff at the Health and Wellness Center are capable of helping you, whatever it is.  Schedule an appointment here.

2. Lose your bad habits
Procrastinating happens. But making an effort to be less stressed come deadlines pays off… with peace of mind. Never underestimate the power of being on top of your studies. Whatever it takes, you can talk to your UNT Health and Wellness Center therapist too. Take advantage of SI sessions, extra credit, and Willis’s 24/7 hours. Your brain will thank you.

3. Get Physical
Arnold Schwarzenegger Gym
Working out isn’t just good for your body, but it’s good for your mind. With your ID you can get into the UNT Pohl Recreation Center to do whatever kind of exercise floats your boat. For just $3, you can buy a pass to yoga, a super-relaxing and super-effective exercise. Your muscles and your mind will thank you. Here’s a schedule of all yoga classes (and other group exercise classes) for your convenience.

4. Relax
Did you know as a student you can get a discount massage on campus? UNT has two massage therapists they hire to be on campus, but also, activities like walking, yoga, or reading can calm you down. If you need to, reach out to a professor or a friend for help. You’re never alone, and while school is fun, but everyone gets stressed sometimes.

5. Call your Mom.
This is not just for your mental health, but for the health of your mother, too. Call her. She misses you.