Sweet Jazz in the Sweet Syndicate

Now you can listen to the best of UNT jazz in your favorite spot on campus!

UNT boasts the first jazz music program in the country and is home to some of the nation’s best jazz musicians. But UNT’s famous One O’Clock Lab Band didn’t start off just so, in fact, the best band back in the day was the Two O’Clock Lab Band.

The reason the Two O’Clock Lab Band was initially the highest tier UNT jazz band wasn’t because first is the worst and second is the best, it was because of the time of day they performed. The 2pm slot was heralded as the best time to listen to jazz on campus here.

The UNT lab band legacy began with M. E. Hall in the 1947, an alumni who had a vision for the campus to have a “dance band” program, because dance bands were so en vogue at the time. This program sparked the first lab band for credit hours, something all music students could get behind. Since then, the Lab Bands at UNT have continued to gain notoriety and are known as some of the best in jazz. The One O’Clock Lab Band has been nominated for a total of seven grammys over the years, and rightfully so.

Since then, much has changed about the UNT lab bands and jazz ensembles. And, you can listen to the 1,2,3…and all the way up to 9 O’Clock lab bands, along with some of UNT’s jazz ensembles in the Syndicate this Fall. Just follow our handy-dandy schedules below to see when what bands are playing. We hope you have a very ~*~JAZZY~*~ semester.