How to Survive: The Freshman 15

You’ve figured out how to do your first few weeks, and hopefully you’ve developed a little bit of a routine.

Now, you can beat the freshman fifteen! Health isn’t all about how much you weigh, but healthy habits you start now are probably healthy habits you’ll be more likely to keep them up forever. So, hopefully you haven’t gained 15 pounds in such a short period of time but, hey, we’re here to help, not judge. In fact, research shows that the freshman 15 isn’t really fifteen… it’s more like 10. With that relieving info in tow, here’s what you can do to lose a few lbs, or start leading a healthier lifestyle.

    1. Go to the gym
      The Pohl Rec Center is a great resource, but only if you use it. Try taking a class ($3 for one class, or check out pass options and the class schedule here) or getting a personal trainer. The rec has really great hours and are open till midnight Monday-Thursday to make sure that no matter what your class schedule, there’s time for you to work out. They also host free events, like Zumba Parties and Outdoor Pursuit trips and workshops. It’s a great tool not only for fun, but for leading a healthy lifestyle.giphy-37


    1. Learn to eat better and take better care of your bod
      Being healthy isn’t always about weight loss, healthy food fuels your body better. Learn about healthy foods and how to better from UNT’s own dietitian. Schedule a consultation to learn how they can help you, from eating on a budget to losing or gaining weight, they offer consultations on just about everything.



    1. Check out the healthy dining options on campus
      There’s a couple we recommend: Mean Greens cafeteria, an all-vegan offering, is a great way to get fresh food and lots of veggies for the price of your meal plan. If you don’t have a meal plan, a one-time entrance into Mean Greens (or Bruce, Kerr and Champs) is 7.50, which is still a pretty good deal. There’s also a vegan bar at Bruce Cafeteria that often offers lots of veggies and legumes for healthy eating. All the dorms we mentioned feature salad bars, but we also really love the salad bar in the Union’s Campus Chat. It’s great, and a full box of salad-y goodness will only run you 5.95.



  1. Stay hydrated
    Take advantage of all the free water bottles you get on campus and actually use them! Carrying a reusable water bottle is not only better for the environment, but it’s a great way to make sure you always have water on your person. Especially when walking to and from classes in the Texas heat, you need to be on top of your hydration game. Also, being hydrated can help you lose weight, better your mood, digestion and a whole lot of other things.



So whether or not the freshman fifteen concerns you, your health is important. Following these tips won’t make you superman, but they might make you feel a little better and stave off any unhealthy habits. If you need more tips, check out our first blog in this series “How to Survive: Your First Few Weeks”.

See you at the Rec!