Tips to Survive Your First Year of College

1.Wake up early. Whatever it takes.

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Don’t be late to class, especially not the first week! Allow yourself plenty of extra time to get where you need to be, and if you really do get there too early, maybe you’ll have extra time for a Union Starbucks run!

2. Read the syllabus

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Some teachers email out or put up the syllabus on Blackboard before class. If not, be sure to keep the copy they give you, or print one out whenever you can!

3. Take advantage of your meal plan

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While Kerr could get repetitive to you, try the other options! Try to go out as little as you can, and save that money for when you’re living off-campus. The dining halls at UNT offer a lot of variety, so you’ll never get bored. Enjoy vegan at Maple, breakfast at Bruce and Double Cheeseburgers at Victory! The possibilities are endless.

4. Master your microwave

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Some nights, you will just want to stay in. Or, you’ll miss dinner at the dining hall, it happens! Whether you’re tired or studying, learn to master your dorm. Ordering pizza will quickly deplete your savings. Instead, use our pinterest dorm cooking board for inspiration! We have tons of microwave-friendly recipes that you will love to make. Learn to keep your favorite ingredients on-hand and master your microwave!

5. Go where the freebies are

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Make a habit of walking through the library mall mid-day (from about 11-2) there’s often events and tablings, giving out both free swag and free food! Also, make sure you’re following all your favorite campus departments and organizations for all the info on when they’ll be giving stuff away.

6. Join some organizations

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The best way to make friends is to get involved. It’s easy on a big and diverse campus like UNT’s to find like-minded people who care about the same things you do. Check out for information about what orgs we already have on campus, or about how to start your own org!

7. Do your best to stay on top of school work

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Everyone procrastinates every once in awhile, but students who stay on top of their school work are less stressed and get better grades. So do yourself a favor and start early, not the night before it’s due.

Good luck with your first semester, #UNT20! No matter how bad you mess up, the UNT Union still loves you.

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