What You Should NOT Pack For Your Freshmen Year at UNT

Moving can be very stressful on both freshmen and their parents. While Mean Green Move-In at UNT has many volunteers who will help that day by carrying boxes up flights of stairs, you still have the task of setting up those items in a way that works for you. Avoid bringing items that will just sit there and become dust collectors. Keep your college dorm room tidy and efficient by only bringing what you actually need to UNT. To help you, we’ve created a list of items you’re better off leaving at home.

Vacuum Cleaner.

No, I’m not saying you should live in filth. Your mother will kill us both if I advocated that. What I’m saying is that you don’t need to bring your own, even if you have a fancy Roomba. Residence Halls have a vacuum that you can check out and use for free. Save your closet space for something else.

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Photo Frames.

Surface space is golden in dorms. Plus, glass is pretty breakable. You can still be sentimental thought and flex your creativity. You’d be amazed what you can do with washi tape.  (P.S. You can get photos printed at Design Works)


DVD/BluRay Player.

Most laptops and game systems come with these features built in. If you do need one, they can be checked out from the Chilton Media Library at UNT for free. So leave yours at home!



There is almost always a nearby computer lab available with printers covered by your tuition. Check the map for details on the computer lab locations on campus. Not only are the labs widely available, the printers also have wireless capabilities! Plus, if you need to take something next level, the UNT Union has both Design Works and Eagle Images available for your printing needs.

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Duplicate items.

Double check with your roommate what they are bringing. Two desk lamps are fine, so are multiple fridges, but things like duplicate can openers, George Foreman grills, microwaves, or coffee makers just become unnecessary clutter. Just make sure the shared items have shared cleaning responsibilities, too.


Letterman Jacket.

I know you loved it when you got it, but it’s pretty much just advertising that you’re a freshman. Don’t be trapped in the past. Make some new memories and things to be proud of.


Clothes You Know You Aren’t Going To Wear.

We all have items in our closets that we never wear or will never wear again. Thank you Kirk’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Party of 2015. There’s no need to bring your entire wardrobe to college. If you limit yourself to only the items you need and hopefully love, you’ll 1) be happier and 2) have room for new things (hello FREE shirts) and won’t have a bulging closet door that won’t shut.


Tool Kit.

Tools are heavy, and unless you’re majoring in mechanics or plan on doing a lot of repairs for people, you’re not going to need a tool kit very often. You could bring your own, but it’ll be a dust collector 90% of the time. The Residence Halls keep one available, so just check it out for the few occasions that you actually need it, and enjoy less clutter when you don’t.


Gym Equipment.

There’s no need to bring dumbbells or a Shake Weight. (Actually, there is no reason to own a Shake Weight, but that’s another story.) UNT’s Pohl Recreation Center is covered by your tuition. Use it! The Rec Center has all the exercise equipment you could want, plus basketball courts, pool, and 45-foot climbing wall. They even has classes and personal training, so leave your work out gear at home.