Humans of UNT #6


Erin Jake 2

HIM:  My friend introduced me to acro yoga once a long time ago and I thought it was really cool. We couldn’t really get the hang of what YouTube was teaching us, because it’s good to have three people involved: a base, a flyer and a spotter, just to make sure everything’s ok. We didn’t really have a spotter to coach us through things. Much later on, a new friend discovered the place in Dallas—the Yoga Movement—where they actually have classes. They’re very cool people—really compassionate and kind and understanding and patient, all the things you would want in a friend. It’s a safe place just to be yourself and be loud and happy, or quiet and reserved, but you’re just around good people who are accepting of you as you are. I had a blast, but Dallas is really far out.

HER: I was looking for a partner to do acro with, because it’s hard to do it by yourself.

HIM: we got in contact via Facebook, and had been bouncing back and forth with these conversations for like two or three weeks.

HER: I remember I called him and was like “Dude! I have 20 minutes, are you on campus right now?” He showed up and we just jumped on the mat. he has the flattest and most amazing feet I have ever flown on, because i just feel so safe and supported.

HIM: The one time flat feet is a good thing. 

Erin Jake 1

“When it comes to difficult things in my life right now it’s probably about understanding the next step, because graduation is coming up. So, trying to figure out where I best fit. I like people, but I also like quiet, and finding the sweet in-between of serving people. in the health industry, maybe in preventive care, or I might go into dietetics and become a dietician. It’s things like that I’m contemplating. I want to be able to work with people towards a mutual goal with my biology degree. having a goal will keep you on your toes moving in a direction so I don’t become stagnant. So right now, it’s just get what I can… and grow.”

Erin Jake 3

“What I’ve learned from yoga, is how to be quiet by myself. I don’t think anyone can really be happy with another person until they’re happy with themselves. To learn to be quiet, and feel my own body out, it took practice. It seems like you’re either in your own world and in your own thoughts, or you’re just open to whatever stimulus hits you. If you can be quiet with yourself and content with that—if you can sit with yourself—then I think that’s a great start towards being good for other people.”

Erin Jake 4

“I’m graduating—it’s a very transitional period in my life. I just found out I was accepted to the Boston Conservatory for my master’s in Opera. So, I’m moving to Boston. I’ve found a roommate and a place to live. But thinking about graduating and transitioning there, there was a fair amount of anxiety. I think if I didn’t have a fair amount of anxiety about moving across the country, something would be very wrong with what I was doing. And I’m very sad about leaving all these relationships behind. Acro yoga is a strong community across the whole world. I’m already hooked into the acro community [in Boston], so it’s like I already have a family up there.

I’ve become way too much of a positive person. If you’re open, and then somebody’s kind of a jerk to you, you can be like ‘man, that sucks for them! I’m gonna keep being awesome!’ It’s really not even a negative experience for you then, because it’s empowering for you.

People think that meditation is about like being super zen but it really starts with having compassion for yourself. if you start with having that compassion for yourself you can extend it to having compassion for another human being.”

Erin Jake 7