UNT Releases Union Phase 2 Plans

UNT PHASE 2 Rendering

With the opening of UNT’s first full-service Starbucks and Taco Bueno, phase 1 of the UNT Union is complete. However, construction is not done. We are now pleased to announce Phase 2 of the UNT Union.

Phase 2 of the UNT Union will still include the Jesus Moroles’s posthumous sculpture, but the statue will be a part of nearly 2,000 square foot Eagle Sanctuary. Through a recently signed agreement, UNT will be the first and only student union to include such a feature. UNT Facilities Director Geo Chaucer says, “The students let us know that simply putting in a green space would be underutilizing this space.”

When the new student Union was being built, the students had a long wish list of items that unfortunately were not able to be included. Due to the new building being only 4 floors and 315,000 square feet, several items didn’t make the final list. “When they gave us the green light on the new building, it really was an opportunity to take it to another level,” Geo said.

While Phase 1 of the UNT Union included Avesta, Phase 2 will include the opening of UNT’s 2nd restaurant and Guy Fieri’s 7th restaurant: Guy’s Flavortown. Flavortown will have a full bar and serve “new comfort” cuisine, according to Fieri’s representatives. “It’s like a dream come true. I wanna go to Flavortown. It’s gonna be out of bounds,” says Emma Pattison, a UNT student.

Parking at UNT has always been somewhat problematic for students. That won’t be an issue with Phase 2. Phase 2 will include complimentary 22-hour valet parking to all faculty and students with premium plus parking passes with cars taken to the Highland Street Parking Garage.

Several wish list items that were not able to be included in Phase 1 of the UNT Union will be included in Phase 2. Among those amenities are a bicycle repair shop, a cat cafe, an indoor water slide, a tattoo parlor, a squirrel den, a trampoline park, and for the adventurous students, a fireman’s pole to get between levels. While the phase 2 Union additional won’t be open until the end of October 2017 — blueprints have been approved and underground utility is expected to begin as early as May 13th.

View the full plans here.