Things to do if You’re Staying in Denton for Spring Break

Not everyone gets to visit exotic places or go to crazy party spots during Spring Break. Aside from giving you extra time to catch up on your readings, Spring Break is a great time to relax and have time to do things you might not normally get the chance to. Denton has tons of cool events going on, so why don’t you take advantage of them? It’s too late to apply for Alternative Spring Break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something worthwhile with your extra free time.


Go see Stage Kiss at the UNT RTFP Studio Theater March 10, 11, or 12th. Tickets are only $7.50 for students.

35 Denton is back! Denton is a music town, and 35 Denton is a great way to see talent local to Denton and from far away. March 11-13th there will be live music all over Denton’s downtown area. A day pass is $25, and a 3-day pass is $65.

Visit the Denton Arts and Crafts Fair at Mulberry Cantina March 12th from 2-6PM. Entrance to the fair is free, but there will be plenty of pretty things made by local artisans available for purchase, from jewelry to home decor.

Like laughs, education, and pizza? Then attend the Shamrock Comedy Showcase at the Undercrust (below J&J’s pizza on the square) where for just $7 you can see a comedy show featuring some of Denton’s funniest comedians. Hosted by Stu Howell, a Union Marketing Green Screen veteran, you will be sure to laugh. Also, all proceeds go to fund education. Purchase tickets at

YOGA. If you haven’t been attending free Union Yoga every Monday at 12:30 in the Union Art Gallery, you really should be. However, over Spring Break, there won’t be any yoga in the Union. BUT you can Karma yoga’s Morning Buzz class at Audacity Brewhouse on March 13th. A five dollar donation will get you agree class, and afterwards, there will be tie-dying. Just bring a crisp $5 bill and a white t-shirt (or other clothing item) to dye, and you will be set for a relaxing morning full of fun!

Apply or work on a piece for the Union Arts Competition. It’s a great opportunity to win some money and have your art displayed in the Union! Find more info here. The deadline is April 1.

If any of these events don’t suit you, there’s also a ton of other things you can do with your free time, here’s a couple of ideas.


GET OUT OF HERE. Go to Dallas or Fort Worth! With some of your other friends, use your free time to take a mini-trip and go do something fun in a city you normally wouldn’t have time to visit. Check out the UNT Perks page for a whole host of discounts you get for being a UNT students. Perks include Six Flags and Medieval Times, two great Dallas day trips.


Take advantage of empty residence halls and use the dorm kitchens to create gourmet masterpieces.


Hog up a treadmill or elliptical at the rec center. Since everyone’s on break, you won’t have to worry about people waiting on machines. Take advantage of having some extra time and bring your headphones to watch some TV while getting some quality cardio in. Or, use the hot tub and lazy river in the pool to really relax.


Spring Break always falls during a very busy time of the semester, so you can always use the extra week to study! Even though it might not be the most fun activity, it’s always nice to come back from a break prepared.


There’s also always Netflix…


Either way, enjoy your vacation! No matter wether you’re traveling or not, you’ll hopefully come back with plenty of energy to tackle the rest of the semester at full-speed.