Things To Do in Denton Over Winter Beak

School is out for winter. If you happen to be chilling in Denton, don’t worry. While the UNT campus population has dwindled, the same can’t be said about activities. There are still plenty of things to do in Denton over winter break. Here’s a list of a few suggestions:

Enjoy the New UNT Union

The New UNT Union building was made to accommodate a larger number of students, but with fewer students on campus than during the regular semester means there is 1) more than enough space to sprawl out and 2) the new and highly-coveted TV pods can be easily obtained.

The Library

Foot traffic in Willis Library is now a trickle of the flood it was during finals. So, why not take advantage of it and check out a book that was not on your class reading list? It is possible to read for the fun of it.
If books aren’t your speed, that doesn’t mean the library isn’t for you Chilton Media library is a great option. They have movies, games, CDs, records and accessories. Why not check out a video game and some extra remote and have a party with friends?

The Gym

Just because you’re on winter break from classes doesn’t mean you have to take a break from your commitment to fitness. The Pohl Rec Center is still open. Its winter break hours hours are limited, but it’s still accessible. Take advantage of having your pick of the exercise equipment. In January, after all the well intended New Year’s Resolutions, you’ll be bumping into people everywhere.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Gym

Go Bowling

Besides providing a natural setting to quote “The Big Lebowski,” bowling can be an inexpensive activity with most bowling allies offer reduced rates weekdays. You also have the added benefit of bowling burning anywhere between 200-250 calories per hour. The environment is also a lot conducive to conversation over a movie theater. So, over the break, knock some pins down and down with friends.

Big Lebowski Is This Your Homework

Denton Square

They call us North Texas ’cause we’re always on top. Denton was voted one of the best college towns in the nation and the best in Texas. The Denton Square is just one of the reasons man reasons Denton was chosen. Explore some of the shops and restaurants and take a break on the lawn of the historic Denton County Court House. Maybe that break involves a slice of pie from West Oak or some Beth Marie’s ice cream or a new book from Recycled Books or a game from Madness Comics and Games.

Update Your Resume

Keeping your resume (and Linked In profile) current is always a good idea. You never know when an opportunity will arise. You’ve completed a semester of college and you’ve probably have accrued a lot more than just class credit. Maybe in addition to a relevant class, you were a part of a student organization, volunteered for a cause, or made the Dean’s List. Put that in your resume. Get a head of the crowd and put it in your resume, so you’re ready for the next career fair that comes to campus or should an opportunity drop into your lap. Take the resume the extra mile. Stop by Design Works on the second floor of the UNT Union and get it printed on some fancy resume paper.