New Year’s Resolution Solutions

New Year. New You. Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to go. Sometimes following through with the resolutions we set ends up harder than we thought. So, that’s where we come in. The Union has some great ideas on how to best take advantage of the services on campus to help you stay on track with your goals.

Be Less Stressed

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Find peace in yoga at the Recreation Center! They offer classes at multiple levels at different times to better suit your schedule! Check out the schedule here. You can also turn to youtube for some great videos that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

The new Union also has a meditation room in a location convenient enough that you can stop by in-between classes to find your zen.

Get Better Grades

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The University offers a lot of different options depending on your major. The Writing Lab is available for editing papers, the Math Lab  can help with your math class, and the Learning Center is there for just about all other subjects.

Many of the resources that UNT offers are included in your tuition, so you should be using them!

Lose Weight

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Gym membership is already included in your UNT tuition. The Pohl Recreational Center is a state-of-the art workout facility. There’s something for everyone at the Rec. Included in your tuition is access to weight machines, cardio equipment, swimming pool, multipurpose indoor courts, outside courts, and free weights. For additional fees, you can use one of the university’s certified personal trainers, take a group exercise class, or use UNT’s massive rock climbing wall.

In addition to all the resources at the Pohl, UNT’s health center has a registered dietician who can help answer your questions about how to eat healthy on a college student’s budget.

Get More Involved

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There are over 100 student organizations on campus that you can get plugged into. From Pokemon Club to Social Media Club, there’s everything under the sun. You can also go greek or search all of UNT’s Student Orgs here!

Quit a Bad Habit

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Whatever you need to quit, the Substance Abuse Resource Center at UNT, or SARC can help! Quitting a bad habit can help you reach other goals, so why wait? Addiction is no joke, and UNT is here to help you whenever you are ready.

UNT’s counseling center also offers all enrolled students up to eight free counseling sessions a year! Whatever you are dealing with, 2016 is a great time to get help. UNT has lots of options to help you best achieve your goals, stay healthy, and happy.

Get Out of Debt

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UNT’s Student Money Management Center is here to help you handle your money issues for free! They can answer questions about student loans, analyze job offers and benefit packets, and much more.

There are also apps you can download for free that will help you keep track of your spending, like Mint. Also, the Union runs a Pinterest page that posts all kinds of tips about saving money.

Learn a New Hobby

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2015 got you stuck in a rut? 2016 is your oyster! You could register for a fun class (UNT offers metal smithing and jewelry minors) or try one of the many fun Denton events. There’s something for everyone here, so no matter what you’re into, there will be like-minded people around you.

Get a New Job

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The Career Center and the Eagle Network can help you find a new job weather it be temporary or full-time. You can even work for one of the new food options in the University Union! Getting paid to be in your favorite building on campus is pretty sweet. Check out UNT Dining for more info, or of course visit the Career Center or log onto the Eagle Network for other cool campus (and off-campus) jobs.

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