Best Places at UNT To Study

It’s dead day, which means finals are upon us. While finding UNT’s albino squirrel for good luck is an option, plan A should be actually studying for your class. Even if you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere with a room all to yourself,cognitive psychologist Robert Bjork at the University of California at Los Angeles, found that a change of scenery can actually aid in studying and improve your recall. To aid you in this academic endeavor now and for the future, here’s a list of places on the UNT Campus to study.


The UNT Union

The New UNT Union has been open for less than a month, but this newly renovated and building has some pretty legit options. There are plenty of power outlets to charge your laptop, phone, or tablet. You have ready access to lots of food and snacks. There are quiet nooks and areas perfect for school work or just to take a moment to recharge yourself all around the building. The Campus Chat and the 3rd and 4th floors are some of the most ideal spaces for studying.
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Willis Library

The library is pretty obvious and can get pretty crowded around finals time. The main level can be a bit nosey (and turn into a rave) and is not ideal for focusing, so if you’re looking for some quiet, you might have better luck check out the lower level of Willis. If you and a friend or two are coming together, then check out one of the 2nd floor study rooms. Rooms can be reserved from groups of 2 or more students. Rooms are typically available between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m, you can use the online scheduling tool and reserve your study space.
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Eagle Common’s Library

Yes, there is more than just Willis Library. The Eagle Commons Library is home to the government documents, law, political science, geography and business collections. It also gets less traffic than Willis, making it a calmer space. Group study rooms come equipped with whiteboards and can be reserved.
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Discovery Park

UNT’s Engineering Campus might seem like a foreign land, but it’s exactly the change of scenery that the doctor ordered. Discovery Park has it’s own library and a few lounge areas. It even has a small cafeteria (with limited hours) and a Starbucks.
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Chilton Media Library

Chill at Chilton! The media library has carousels that you can rent out, along with some open study space as well. When you’re done with finals, you can come back and rent some DVDs or an XBOX to unwind.
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General Academic Building

The 3rd floor kiosks of the GAB are arguably one of the nicer ones on campus. They have padded seats, electrical outlets, and adjustable desk surfaces. Props go out to the College of Arts and Sciences of managing and maintaining this area so well. If you need a snack, there’s vending machines and a cafe on the 2nd floor that serves good coffee and tasty sandwiches for study fuel.
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Eagle Student Services Center

You probably haven’t been in this building since talking about financial aid, but there is not one, but two study spots in the building. Both of them have same chairs and tables are close to bathrooms, but the lower level is superior for access to vending machines and a quick access to the UNT Union for actual food.
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Business Leadership Building

The BLB has become as staple for the past few years and it’s easy to understand why. Check out one of the open table area on the main level with a Starbucks, cafe, and computer lab close by. There’s also rentable study rooms for group work, and an additional study nook on the second floor.
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Empty Classrooms

With classes no longer in session, there are plenty of empty classrooms. Roll the dice and claim an unoccupied classroom all to yourself. Just be respectful and prepared to move if you’re asked to or if you happen to have chosen a classroom that a class needed by a professor.
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